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3dcc Jan 30, 2008 4:22 PM

Okay, the verdict is in: I got my Aiptek A-HD! (^_^)

It took a lot of shopping gymnastics, but I think I got the best deal.

When I discovered that Target had it on sale this week for $119 (yes, the sale is still going on), I was all braced to buy it. But then I found out that they only had the black version and that the black version was only in "gloss", not in "matte" like the blue version. So I made some inquiries at CC and BB and checked their matching polices. Both would match Targets price, and each had similar 14-day return policies (re-stocking fee for returns, not exchanges), but only BB had a $25 service plan; CC's plan was in the $40 dollar range and up. So needless to say, I matched at BB and took their basic service plan (I already have an acidental plan for the camera through my laptop policy).

I also took advantage of a last day sale at CC for SD cards and bought a 2Gig for about $17.00.

So the total:

Aiptek A-HD (Blue): $119
2-Year Service Plan: $25
2 Gig SD Card: $17
Basic Total: $161 (plus tax)

So many, many thanks to FISHY for all his help in assisting me in making this decision!:-):cool:

I have been taking the A-HD for a test run and so far, so good. I love the functionality and the compactness of it and think it is probably one of the most practical designs for a camcorder that I have seen in along time. I need to check out the slight jitter in the video when panning in HD mode, though.

Oh, and I didn't have a choice; the firmware that is shipping with these later models are 2.002 (10/26/07). But I haven't noticed the sound "popping" problems yet that Fishy and some other users have been noting. I hope this was fixed in this latest release of the 2.002 firmware update. But will let you all know if I discover any.

Well, gotta run for now but hope to be able to post clips later on this week or weekend.

Take care.

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