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Hi guys,

Just picked up a MPVR and had quite a tough time using the .asf files on an intel imac. The new computer does not work with WMV files.

VLC media player would play them, but the best I could get into imovie (no final cut for intel macs yet either) was video only with no sound.

Finally found a program called isquint that converts really well. It's designed to convert files for vieweing on an ipod, but if you mess with the settings you can end up pretty close to source quality from the MPVR.


I just copied the settings from the source footage into the advanced window:
640X480 ; 2799.81 bits/sec; 29.94 fps

I squint lists limits on resolution and bitrate for h.264, but it works fine and the files read as such in quicktime movie info.

Other than the files being about 30% larger I don't notice a significant difference using the h.264 option over standard mpeg-4, but the .asf compression is pretty severe to start with, so higher quality source footage might show a big difference.

Nothing close to scientific or thorough testing here, just happy to be able to edit the movies.

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welcome aboard, nice to hear you can ultilize the windows mpvr to a mc. hopefully some other camera outfits will get into mac.

again great info for those interested in macs
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From another Mac user...

Another option is ffmpegX http://homepage.mac.com/major4/.

This will record to and from many different selections. What works best on my system is selecting the DiVX MOV. There are h.264 MOV, MP4 MOV and DiVX MOVs.

I haven't been able to try the h.264 MOV as h.264 output is broken in the current intel version, but I'm not able to see any loss between the original and DiVX MOV.

I'm using it with videos from an Ispan 920

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