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:idea:Here is an interesting topic.

I have fooled around for awhile and will do one more test to see if I can get this right, I am trying my hardest to make an instructional video for the site and using my mustek or aiptek against the monitor does not work out like I planned. I get the flicker, which can be annoying at times. So Since my pc has various in/out sources What better way to test the Aiptek mpvr's imput feature

at 1028 resolution 92dpi setting I made a video from the pc I can now show al how to make a video, NOT. I believe the Tv and vcr output over rules the pc by far in this case. I may have to hook my vcr up, and tape my demo again

When I record and have to view the vid it blows up big time I know it is a setting, I rather not get into details, and keep things simple.

here is a video sample from the pc http://media.putfile.com/CLIP002338

next will be from the pc taped off the vcr


between both sources the pc to the camera, and the pc to the video to the camera are of the same. no difference and even on the settings what the camera cannot pick up is the characters of the pc to defined in small letters excellent for viewing

Just another imput source added to the camera like we said any imput from any source can be achieved.

Additonal observations are to be made, as well as viewing the playback off the camera from the pc I need to play it on the tv off the camera, and see how much of a distortion it has, vs. the regular tv/dvd/vcr output from the tv output to the camera.As well as the cameras recorded video?

As I answer my Own questions I also find out how to make it as a webcam feature.

The playback on the Tv is as the same quality of the camera recorded ability. 640x480 resolution and its dpi. the video from the pc is nice and clear but the characters and small icons are distorted, and when the vid of the movie plays it is like the video from the camera recording acceptable

the same goes with the pc to vcr and playback.

best playback is a vcr tape or dvd recorder over the combo hybrid cameras. as a substitute on the go I can accept this to view on anything that is smaller then I am used to watching on a big screen.

As I was fooling around I now know how shp at home network uses the camera as a webcam and can get away with it.

They Plug in the Usb port and the rca video andadeo plugs to a imput source, and turn off the icons and use a caption device, it may be a bypass and asomething new we all over looked. I do give them credit, but they cannot show every single detail in a 30 minute segment, amybe I can. Lol

here is a vid of it in captio or ewebcam mode http://media.putfile.com/IMAG001317

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