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fishycomics Sep 7, 2008 10:42 AM

a show of av input low budget cams show talking bout the av showing the av and what's in the near future. enjioy allow sometime from 1140 am

Some info on the video as it was made. I know a lot of members ask outside the box and always helpful:

I shot my clips all week long, could not get what I was looking for, and the weather was bad the other day, i awoke with a clear head and just shot the clips. i shot with the Jazz elite HDV-178 set at EV of 0.6 I also set the sharpness down one level.

I have noticed lately sound crackles or clicking. notworrying.

I edited with magix movie pro editer 12, and rendered wmv 1280x720 forgot the 4:3 hdv2 was set not goingto re-render the 10 minute clip I added in simple fades transitions.

and loaded to either Vimeo , live video, and Youtube.

I am showing the fun you can have with the cam and not getting deep into the topic about interpolation of av input.

I see a crisp shot, saved a crisp shot, and happy I have that crisp shot. why stand by what I have and happy with the output. enjoy any questions or comments are always welcomed

my most importan concern forfuture av input

will thesehbrids work when our analog signal transfers to digital in the near future feb 10-14th 2009?

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