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I can't wait to check it out!! I'll listen as soon as I get home from work- thank you so much for this! I'll talk to you in a couple of hours.

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I just began browsing this thread today and found all the information I needed to buy a new DV cam. I've been looking for one for my wife for xmas since her dig cam got stolen from work last week. I thought that I'd get her something that did a lot more than just a camera.

Anyway, I found one a few days ago on tiger, newegg or zipzoomfly (don't remember which) and it was about $120. The brand name was something like "M**tek". It wasn't Mustek, but another brand. The price was right and it seemed to have everything I would want for my wife (especially since I may be using it on occasion *grins*). Of course, knowing that there must be other brands on the market, I thought I'd do a little research.

I went to the manufacturer's website and looked at the specs. The main things I was concerned with were fps at 640x480 and max memory size. Upon close inspection,some places mentioned 15 fps at 640x480 and others mentioned 30. I don't like the ambiguity of specs, especially when sites use very general laymen's terms. I emailed them . . . didn't get a reply . . . moved on.

After doing some searches and reading reviewscoming fromeverywhere on many budget dv cams, Ididn't feellike i got very far.Few reviewers wereunbias, if any, and just about all of the"super-duper-can't-believe-its-not-butter" reviews came from users who just discovered digital videothe morning before they bought the cam.

Amazingly, I came upon this site and this particular forum thread from a google search. I read through the whole thing,checked out the specs on all the items mentioned, and checked out the sample footage. I must say mrfishycomics, your input and videotest clips were the deciding factor in my search.

Consequently, I will be buying the aiptek MVPR cam. It has huge storing capabilities(2 GB max), has good night shooting capabilities (saw decent tests on another site), 30fps at640x480 video recording, and has many other features that are just icing on the cake. The movie recording feature is one i didn't even notice until after picking it as the winner. It also has a rechargable li-ion batt which Iappreciate having. I don't like using standard AAA/AA batteries for something as power hungry as this little thing is. The night mode is a definite plus (i saw some test pics taken in night mode on another site and they looked quite nice. The tester said that the camera needed to be very stillin order to minimize the blur).

The really cool thing is that aiptek istossing inan extra li-ion battery, a tripod, a case, a wireless remote control, and a few other gifts for the holidays (i didn't see on their site when this promotion ends).

So, fishycomics, I would like to say thank you for all of your member feedback. I'm sure it helped wcjmproducerand it DEFINITELY helped me!


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Two nights ago I set up my Digilife V1 and recorded about 45 minutes during our band practice. It's mono and the mic isn't that sensitive. I was amazed it was actually quite listen-able. I didn't have it aimed very well so visually it didn't do much but show our bass player and the top of my head and other members infrequently. Interesting thing with MPEG4 is when there was little movement it would just freeze the image a while. Back to the sound - it was pretty good when we were just goofing around between songs - lower volume jam - and it got harder to hear as we did an actual song, but still listen-able. NExt week I will put cam back a bit and maybe a cottonball over the mike. My clip is 45 minutes so too long to post.

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Welcome to the forum, nevarezz!

A couple of years ago I found out hybrids existed, and in my research found another discussion site, moderated by a fellow called Ronaldo, and fishycomics was a contributor to that site long before I found it. Unfortunately the site was a pos, and since fishy and I were the main contributors, but tired of the nonsense, we asked "Steve" if he'd like us to set up shop here. He readily agreed, and "the rest is history". It's taken time for the participation to grow, but we seem to be rolling along nicely now. I'm finding more and more other people are answering queries before I get a chance to, and that's just fine with me.

Was the brand you were looking at "Microtek"? It might be in the Hybrid List topic.
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digijim wrote:
Interesting thing with MPEG4 is when there was little movement it would just freeze the image a while.
Something you don't realize these cameras do until you run them on a tripod, is that if there's nothing moving, they take a few seconds and fill in the detail in the areas they initially compressed. Once done, the video image is much higher quality than usual. I think they "resist" unmapping areas they have filled in. It's all about throughput and how fast their little computer brains can process things.

The motion stabilization would have been implicated in what you saw, if the camera or the whole scene was moving. It tends to "stick" or resist the first moments of panning. But I don't think this would be a factor if only part of the subject matter moved.
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