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mpeg-nut Jun 5, 2006 3:43 PM

I am so confused here because I have looked high and low to try and figure out what the best mpeg 4 video camera is. I just want to take high quality video and sound and send them to friends and family. The files can't be any larger than about 10-15 meg. That would be for like a 6 minute video. For a 2-3 minute video it needs to be about 6 to 10 megs. Crazy thing is that at the lowest setting qvga 320 x 240 onmy aiptek mpvr the quality was lacking and a 4 minute video was2o megs. I had to import it into shobiz software and export it as a windows media file and it crunched it to only 6.5 megs, very acceptable, and thequality was only slightly less than theoriginal.Why can't I get better quality at a better compression like the software has? Is It the camera? Is there a better mpeg 4 video camera And PLEASE could someone here please talk a it about what all camera are out there worth buying a tell me which one is BEST! If i can get a better wuality on another brand of mpeg4 video cam, i'm gonna return this one for it. Someone please let me know what i should do.

Best case scenario i'd love to have 640 x 480 high quality video no bigger than the 10-15 megs and get 2-6, or 10 minute recordings if super crunchedand send those out but they're just too big to send, heck even the smaller size video was too big.

I know this is alot of info so if someone could please amswer them to the best of their ability that'd be great!! Thanks.

And by the way it's so cool to be in a place where everyone is as nerdy as i am about this stuff. I bought a fuji 330a digital camera about 2 years ago or whatever and the movi mode on that made me fall in love with mpeg 4. Problem is that it doesn't have sound. but is has been great for taking pics of our little girl adn sending them to family. Gal, I'm tempted to return this mpvr and spend about 150 bucks to buy a decent digital camera with a movie mode with sound. Like i said, with great quality and compression, If it's good enough you can get by with 320 x 240. I'm thinking 10 FPS might be the way to go with a great quality instead of 30 FPS at a crappy picture quality. and to have the audio compressed to 96k mp3 would be fine. HELP HELP HELP

Thanks mpeg-nut

fishycomics Jun 5, 2006 4:06 PM

1 have you checked out the youtube adding a vid making the link personal 100mb long or yousendit?

the older models are better for your needs nott he newer ones. mustek dv3500 or aiptek 5300 things like that

keep file ize down rather compress a ton of info.

wait for others to answer

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