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I've sifted just about every thread and topic on these smaller HD cams and it seems as if the two top performers are the DXG 595 and Aiptek Action HD.
Which do you guys think creates better video quality?
I'm talking in terms of actual video capture, looking at details, clarity, sharpness, saturation, highlight handling etc.

Which captures the better video footage?
Is their a updated/better video camera being announced soon (affordable)?

I'm interested in hearing from those who have tried BOTH cams, opinions!
Thanks guys.
(I've owned/used many of the top HDV cams and I'm looking for the best in these amberella (sp?) chipped cams or similar)
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Neither cam is the best the chip can do.

I'd say DXG overall. All though that's not saying it's fantastic. Like yourself I've a wide range of experience with pro HD equipment and from that perspective there's plenty to complain about. Fringing, saturation issues, blown highlights for sure... then again it costs $200 and takes reasonably sharp video.

I don't own the Aiptek but from all the clips I've seen DXG is crisper, higher bitrate.
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Steve, Wayne here.

I was waiting till somebody answered your question, but nobody has come by yet.

If you are interested in any cameras using the ambarella chip:
Samsung HMX20C and HMX10C, and Toshiba Gigashot HD 1080i and 720p cameras use ambarella chips at higher bit-rates. The 10c is old and available for less than $400, the Toshibas are old too, but don't know how old they are. I think the Toshibas and HMX10c use altachrome chips, I don't like the 1080i quality, and have I think never seen footage from the 720p60 Toshiba model.

However, somebody has just bought a new Action HD and found that it might work better, and has later firmware:

New Aiptek 1.6mp camera, looks like higher bitrate 720p60 mode:
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thanks for posting this, i never seen the DXG595V but just been checking uot some videos and it looks failry good, microphone sounds fine and picture seems fine.

From what i seen so far you sold me one, thanks

here is a few video examples




Here is also a review comparison where the DXG595Vcamera can be seen filming more or less the same footage as the Sony HDR-TG1

DXG595V = http://www.vimeo.com/1725354

HDR-TG1 = http://www.vimeo.com/1775038

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