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jhf Dec 5, 2005 4:50 PM

I love the mpvr but have had some bad luck with one and am thinking of maybe getting the is-dv as it seems a little more solid. does anyone have some good in info on on thse two camcorders. I really want to confirm that the is-dv shoots at 30fps at vga and is the mic on the top or on the reverse of the screen? I know it only holds one gig compared to 2 on the mpvr but one gig will be good enough. any other advantages or disadvantages I should know about between them. I am also open to any other suggestions for cams meeting 30fps at vga with at least on gig space.

Target was great at exchanging the unit but i may just sell the mpvrbefore I crack open this package.



fishycomics Dec 5, 2005 5:25 PM

Welcome first J............. glad you found the site and had asked some good pointers maybe this will help out.

review need to look past page one;forum_id=92

Is-Dv mic should be on top and the video is at 30 fps and has stabilization, everything the mpvr has except a av imput.

i would go with a Is-Dv for the reason, you may get more video footage over the mpvr but you will not get battery life out of either of them 2 hours max on both

you will give up 2 1/4 screen to a 2 in screen

you will have the still button on top instead side by side which I love on the IS-dv

again both cameras are great. camcorder desighn the IS-dv something diferent the mpvr

I did not like the fact the sd card was on the bottom. it may fall out if you do not seat in correctly.

I owned it and returned due to a defect i had a pixalation in video.

the stills were excellent go into the pages here towards the end and you may find a Is-dv review under my author

jhf Dec 5, 2005 6:04 PM

thanks for the help fish, you have great reviews on these types of cameras, let me ask you this, what do you think is the best cam for around 150 today, sounds like you have alot of exposure to these (no pun intended) and am interested in you opinion. brand really does not matter, and I think my only req are 1 gig, with 30fps in vga.

thanks again


fishycomics Dec 6, 2005 2:37 AM

digilife v1000 2nd m1 3rd v1

Ispan 960/920 2nd 910 / 810

mustek 9300 2nd 5300se

aiptek mpvr 2nd IS-DV

those are your main goals

cmos vs. ccd al 3 meg and interpolated up to 12 meg

none are 5 meg interpolated yet

and none optical zoom

all up to 2 gig cards which one up to you? I think the order I placed them up may be the order you might want to choose first the Ispan and digilife are the same camera if not they sure look the same. hope that is a start

fishycomics Dec 6, 2005 2:11 PM

thought I post this up my friend always talked about how he needed adigital camera to take inspection shots, and the insurance agency will pay for the camera. They agreed the Sony maveric the one with the Floppy 1.4 mb will do, since each car he did had to be mailed by flppy. well when he went away on his trip. the most the camera can take in video was 15 secs at a resolution vid/sound well he gave me the pix and I dug them up just to show you that the quality was excellent , sorry if youtube compressed the file.

Now why i say excellent. ha ha ha . The night shot was dark, and had light but clear. the other dancers with the red had color and light clear. the group singing down the slope had a auto light adjustment , just like the hybrids, and the boat song had crackle with the wind. and the bag pipe was loud and powerful.

remember this camera costed 1000.00 at that time today maybe 100.00 if found.

you need to understand the hybrids can take a excellent shot when needed , and can be a great shirt pocket camera, and suit some persons needs but may not suit others. for me I am very happy, and hope to get a camcprder if they go down in price .

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