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Originally Posted by dahauss View Post
With all the people on here, I thought I would have some replies to this???

are there really no good pocket video cameras under $150?

Sad to say, not many pocket camcorders will fit exactly your needs. Particularly the zoom part, any of the pocket camcorders with only digital zoom is useless zoom. The Sanyo PD2 is pretty much the only one with optical zoom.

As far as audio I've never tested the PD2 or my other camcorders in environments you plan to use it so can't say if there will be distortion or come out in a way you'll be satisfied with. Since I don't have high expectations when it comes to audio, I rarely will review that part, just happy to have sound that's in synch with the video. For $150 or less I guess something needs to get sacrificed and generally that's audio.
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Lol. I owned the sanyo Xacti VCp-PD2B it is the camera with 3x optical, to get. sound is excellent, Hearing that baseball bat smack 1000 feet away I was shocked.

the Aipte kAction HDMI 1080P is runner up 5x optical zoom. but what makes the Sony WX-9 the Best. because it has a ton of features.

Well I repeated myself. and hope you find the cam you're after enjoy
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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Default Here are some recommendations...

Okay so I have benign looking for a pocketable camera, or small handy cam type for under $200.... After doing some research for few weeks here is what I recommend, I'm no expert in anyway....you can see YouTube videos on all of these..

1)Water proof, 1080p, no optical zoom....kodak zx3 (removable battery) zx5 newer model can't remove battery... Sound quality is not bad unless underwater
2)Excellent sound quality,pocketable 1080p,some complain about the power bottom location otherwise excellent camera.... Sanyo vpc cs1
3)1080i, sound is not bad but motor makes clicking noise here and there....Samsung hmx t10
4)1080p, sound is good, low light is good... Toshiba camileo x100**
I bought all of them returned the first one, but testing the other 3....will update which one I kept....good luck
Ps I think the sanyo would be the best for you....I would go with that but I want a hany cam type look as well... I bought all three from Walmart.com, the first was from best buy... Also is you find it cheaper best buy will match the price, I got the zx5 for 119.00.....
Lmk what happens, and what you deciede..
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OK so I used the ZX3 for the last 2 days.. HOWEVER I have an issue I hope someone can explain (or maybe I have a defective camera). I took a 16G SDHC class 6 card that I use in my other camera just fine.. Formatted it on the ZX3 and shot some video.. some video is fine. BUT other videos look like the video is playing in double speed and on the camera that audio is fine BUT when I play it back on my PC, the video is STILL Double speed and the audio is crackling on some and FINE on others BUT always plays normal speed. I was shooting in 720p60 ... any ideas?? does my unit have an issue that needs a call to kodak?

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