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Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice on which hybrid camera to buy for a vaction I'm planning this summer. As this hybrids are pretty small, I'm gonna take the plunge and buy one. I'm more concerned with image quality/image stabilisation over the still shots & mp3 recording functions this camera mostly have added on.

Is there any camera in particular I should seriously consider? A decent enough onboard microphone would be essential also.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Cheers, seamus
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its prefrence .........

welcome aboard

what our members are chating about and he hype may have been at the time and slowed down were

1 mustel dv9300

2ispan ddv920

3 aiptek mpvr

3 major and excellent models

now the new zoom dv6 and Isdv2 are coming out as well as the ddv510/520 as wells as the 12m

take a look at the vid samples, and the topics and lets wait for some members to join in.

I would not rush ino something your not sure

but i recommend 1. or 3. as the no.2 refuses mp3 deletion
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I agree with fishycomics' choices. I suspect the models about to arrive on the scene are going to cost more than $200.

The Samsung Miniket is optimized for video use, rather than stills, but unless you find an older model cheap on eBay, it will be more than $200.
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the newest MPVr is not going to be higher then 199.99 so it is like under 200.00 :blah:

I remember back in the old site any camera over 200.00 was not allowed in the threads of Mustek.....................

let me ask some questions?

1. do you own a digital camera a major brand?

2. do you own a film camera?

3. and planning to take a desposable camera if on land , and on water?

I would look for a hybrid and make sure I can test it out before on vacation....

I would want 30fps (25fps) and have a lot of features I understand.

I would make sure I have enough battery power 3 batteries , as well as sd cards

I would also have sometype of device, or location so I can upload my video or storage to, incase I run out of space..

now what I would look at again is an asf file type or jpeg movie type, but will run higher in the 200.00 range.

1 mustek dv9300 np-90 batteriies

2 aiptek MPVr- nokia np-59 or 8200 series bateries

both camera only record with batterry 1.5 hrs period!

a AAsystem may be a better choice and I believe there are a few models out ther still accepts them but are harder to find.

hope this helps out a little.
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