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rgvcam Aug 4, 2009 8:31 PM


Originally Posted by bobcat56458 (Post 989327)
This camera\camcorder is not perfect, none are. What it does is give you a high quality camera that takes very good video that will fit in a small cell phone case so you have it with you when you need it. I remember on this hybrid camcorder forum where people were complaining that the current crop of hybrid cams captured video at to low a bitrate, I guess you can't make everyone happy LOL!

I am not complaining about the camera itself. I have even considered it. Canon are well known for high quality video. Even my wife's low end A1000 does great video for the price.

I also remember when people were constantly saying such and such a hybrid should have higher and higher bitrates too but I think in this case they went a little overboard since you also want decent recording time in a small device. h264 was developed to provide high quality output at low bitrates. The bitrate on this camera is overkill and way exceeds even the Canon HF100 Camcorder in its full HD mode! The HF100 image quality, of course, being second to none.

fishycomics Aug 5, 2009 3:23 AM

I remember when they all said VIDEO 640x480, ....... yep now we're in hd and one still wants the highest Bpps, kbbs whatever . to own a faster cam, means you must or not own faster machines to run them.

I read somewhere that it does and not mentioned, but asked 3X optical while Zoom.

its already a number of posts down and not mentioned.

So in a store you go test it let us know. Only way you get that answer.

I am happy I can fit my jazz in my pocket and film, I am happy I can fit my casio in my pocket and film, if it is smaller, thinner then my casio EX-V7 i will deffentl trade up, but I think I will get something the family can easily push, switch and film..

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