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Maybe I just haven't looked in 6 months, but they have an entirely new line of low-end digital cameras and camcorders. They range from $19 to about $99. The cheapest camcorder they have is $29 and they don't even bother to list the specifications on the box. I'd honestly be surprised if it even achieved 640x480.

I don't know why I have such a fascination with cheap junk, but I'd love to get my hands on those to try them out. Just that my wife would kill me if I spent money on any more of that junk right now since we're kind of broke.
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Fry's has cheap camcorders too. In fact I think the same brands. They don't sell any Aipteks though but they used to.

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didn't we send you there so your Wife could chose one?:G

yes We been watching wal-martthey have a excellent model that i never snapped a pic of called

video for Dummies these lil gadgets startedas low as 9.99 a member pointing to a keychain still, that snaps excellent video for its price ( not you) to super slim models, even the Sony webcam square one was there.

Best bargain ifaskedthe jazz Elite HDV-178 ( vivitar)
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I'll start me own thread.
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