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sgspirit Jul 21, 2005 10:16 PM

This is how to get digital still pictures out of a video clip taken with a Digilife DDV-720. There are many software packages that can do this, but here's how to do it with the software that comes with the camera.

Open Ulead Video Studio 7
Drag an .avi file to the timeline
Just below the display panel, there are green and black scroll lines.
Carefully drag the bar on the lower black scroll line across until you have exactly the frame you wish to clip.
Click on the scissors icon to the right of the scroll lines.
With the clip highlighted on the timeline below, select \Save as Still image

I tried to upload the resulting .jpg files to a website, and found the website did not recognize the format of the output still image. So I opened another program, XnView, opened the files with it, and saved them again to .jpg format. This "laundered" whatever the problem was, and they uploaded and displayed ok.

Now, these clips were taken at 640x480, and this process isn't going to increase the resolution. When viewed, they look a little rough. If I saved them in XnView as 320x240, they looked fine. You have to bear in mind that each second in video mode, the Digilife stores 30 640x480 pictures, so that's a lot of work (and a vast store of potential still images). I figure 10 hours of video includes over a million 640x480 stills.

I haven't tried to play back the stills so produced on the Digilife camera, since you can do the same thing by pausing the video playback.

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