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This will be a postfor the Mustekdv4500, and
Aiptek dv5300
I will break it up, and will post the full
feature vid 10 meg compressed, and as much as
10 meg uncompressed. they are side by side, I will
grab a picture out of the
vid, and I Will show a picture taken and more Please click on the
link to view
as a bonus feature, I have made a picture in picture comparision
click on the link that says double pic
will be 10 uncomprressed
Mustek dv4500
night time film duration 15 minutes 91 meg
camera starts up, 5 sec, and hitting record,
quality of video setting on High quality ( 640 x480)
night mode off
file asf.
batt life full
held in hand has a tripod screw
no editing, added title in win moviemaker 2
file converted automatically to wmv
***compressed to 10 meg***
***10 meg uncompressed
scene picked out towards finally

zooming at high


Aiptek dv5300
night time film duration 15minutes 91 meg
start up up to 5 sec hitting record
quality of video setting on High quality ( 640 x480)
night mode not available
file asf.
batt life full
held in hand no trpod screw
no editing, added title in win moviemaker 2
file converted automatically to wmv
***compressed to 10 meg***15 mins

***5 meg uncompressed 4 meg for the title 9 meg total
scene picked out towards finally 2 minutes long
mustek is the full screen, aiptek
is the smallscreen inside without
sound. The Aiptek wil look suppirior over mustek
Due to the smaller size, but it gives you
a great perspective that both cameras do fine on
their own.
I placed mustek as the big and when I have the chance
** http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=double-pic **

mustek dv4500 my outcome or conclusion'
as the show began without warning, I had two cameras
in hand and got the on/off to the camera going, finger
over the record button, and made sure I saw record on
the tft screen. T
he scrren gave me a very nice view at night
time not a lot of glare , nore light reflection.
The blue l.e.d in front was on, and had no affect
on any shot of the lens.
as there was a steet post lamp, and the screaming
lights of the Amusemnt park, I had myself planted away
from the croud, no one with a good 50 feet, accept a quiet
group next to me, not a sound out of them. A few bistanders
passed by, and the camera was held overhead of the
boardwalks croud, no heads in the view, so a perfect shot.
As time went on. my hands kinda lost control,
of where the
view of all fireworks were at, so holding two cams.
was okay, as I was filming I over heard a person
talking about why i was filming, to get different angles.
I viewed the shot on my big screen, and
it is not as loud as the pc. but let me tell you ,
when I burn it to a dvd, I will deffently get a bang and
jump out of my seat. There are pixalation, to the eye,
but not enough to ruin the vid * Dvd made , and
it is awesome
I am jumping out of my seat with the
theater surround on. the booms are deff.
and there is a pixal skip, due to file curruption
or software, but no words for the dvd a's across the board

My final note, I see no glare in the shot at night
fireworks will glare the film, there is glare but it is
normal. the smoke i seen in the shots it picks
out great detail, I have excellent sound, I think I would have lowered it but
you'll not feel the effects. a perfect night shot to me.
A's across the board
aiptek dv5300 my outcome or conclusion
as you read the mustek, the same time to turn
on the camera and hit record, both were side by
side filming, all the same scenerios, the fireworks
exploded, and looking at the tft screen it was much
brighter, and had glare or glowing around the works.
, the front of the camera hasa dim l.e.d. no reflections
off the cameras at either end. they were at least 1 foot
apart to 2 feet. If hand was free, both camera covers can
be closed but the benifet of the aiptek is that I could have
viewed my shots still but sideways , mustek no. the battery
life drained pritty fast from a solid greentribar down to a
red single bar, I did ot mention mustek b/c it still held a
solid ful charge. I tempted to snap a still, but the l.e.d. on
the case flashed soft orange, meaning that it will not
respond to a still shot while recording. Sony does that not
aiptek. When I viewed my vid I noticed a UFO, or some
object, like a light, if you noticed the streetlamp, the camera
duplicated it and kept it in the film, if the lamp was there or
not, mustek never did that as again both cam's running at the
same time same location. looking on the big screen, as i said
to mustek some pixal and a lil more then mustek. the sound
play back on the pc is somewha softer or lower, camera
* dvd made and it is somewhat softer then the
mustek, maybe the black is blacker,
but the sound is no where near mustek
booms are too low in db and quality
there is pixal curruption, again due to file
or software, the vid is watchable but no where
near mustek.
I rate this a's as well but in the minus section

so holding both cameras I had no problem using either
onethey ar comfty but aiptek might have been a better
grip fo rthe size..
my final note, I liked th grip, I liked the brighter screen
at times, but rather dissapointed when viewing after to
find a double image of light. overal it is a great camera,
and has its own features. but a shorter batt life for sure, and glare around the works

No Matter which camera you chose, or your fits your budget,
I am super happy I own both cameras. I turely preffere the
mustek, as the battery life is stronger, and a bigger diameter
, 2aa over 2aaa. but it is when at that time you need to snap,
a vid, or a shot , you have it for life time, pricelss
as for pics I only had the chance with the Aiptek, and
both take super shots. vids and burns great on a dvd
musteks pic
aipteks pic

trouble with the cameras

this section I wil post the troubles of mustek and aiptek.
I could not find a trouble shot for mustek, but fireworks are tricky they will leave you with exposures, but this is not one

street lamp shown in the pic , is in the vid it refelcted back to the lens

Updated information:

I posted how I would view my shows on a dvd, well lets also not forget what type of televisions as well, and dvd players.

I was telling my friends, sis etc, and went to each house. I have a lcd and I love the view, I went to a plasma and well sen a lot of Black pixal shadows, I went to a 520 ( tv crt) and pixalated. each set up was different. I have a hd dvd player, and a economy dvd player and so on. some cannot keep the speed correct and causes bad sectors i is best viewed with the correct setup, and that is prefrence or choice, hope that info cleared up some troubles it caused in the dvd viewing



mustek vs aiptek in daytime mode

I bring to the table. Pre weight in

Aiptek dv5300 4-n-1 camera

mustek dv 4500 (5000) 6-n1 camera

the cameras are ready for their fight, and they are stepping up to the camera ring.

Get your tickets. here at:

http://putfile.com/media.php?n=min_0001 video

and get your self a seat.
Once you read the panthlet go and cast your vote. look at their profile what they have to bring

Aipteks profile

mustek proile

you decide the shot

additional info on your decision amking

videos bloopers and orginals

http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=a1 1.5 aiptek
http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=a2 1.5 mb aiptek
http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=144 full .1.9 mustek
http://putfile.com/media.php?n=aaa_0002 a,a,a,m,m,m,a,m,a,m,a,m a,m
http://putfile.com/media.php?n=mini_0001 a m a m a m

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Iyear ag, and these were the talked about cameras and in my eyes they still are

bringing back an old topic

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