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260DET May 17, 2010 11:33 PM

Corrupted File message but OK in the Camera
When trying to download from the DigiLife DDV 1080 HD to the computer this message sometimes comes up, but not always. May take several separate videos in a day, go to download them, some download fine, some don't and bring up the corrupt message.

Video works fine in the camera, picture and sound, so I'm guessing its a computer software issue. Am using Quicktime to play and edit on the computer so is that likely to be it? Reinstall Quicktime? Only problem is the QT version I have enables basic cut and shut editing, think if thats replaced with a later version that editing function will be lost.

Or is there a program that may repair the corrupt files?

260DET Jun 5, 2010 4:02 AM

Have been having other problems, like the camera stops recording. Noticed that the battery does not fit snugly eg if you shake the camera it can be felt bumping around a bit. So a thin plastic strip between one side of the battery and the case has tightened it up, I'm hoping that the movement of the battery caused interruptions to the power supply which messed things up. We will see.

260DET Jun 25, 2010 7:34 PM

No corrupted files last recording session so it looks like the loose battery may have caused the problem. I searched but could not find any program that would fix corrupted files in the camera, they would not download to the computer HD so they could be attended to there.

So the above may help someone who has a similar problem, I'm surprised that nonone here apparently knows anything about this sort of thing.

bhlack Jun 25, 2010 10:52 PM

Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum but I'll try to help you.

From my experience, you could have problems with your memory cards. Well that's the most common case I know. And as I learn from many professional photograpers, they usually fill up their cards, transfer it, then format it before another use. That's to avoid the file written being corrupt.
However, from another discussion on this forum, some were caused because they use pc and apparently and additional patch is needed to, effectively, process memory cards larger than 4GB. So probably you could also check on this matter.
Lastly, the battery problem that you mention could also be the cause. As the electric current become unstable thus affecting the writting process of the device. In addition, in my own opinion, should such condition happen the file should be permanently damaged and couldn't be use whatsoever.

Hope this helps

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