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Of all the video editing programs that have been bundled with the various hybrids I've bought, CyberLink PowerDirector that came with the DDV-V1 has been my favourite. So I've produced about 45 "movies" with it.

Since the bundled version 3.0 can't do some things such as burn projects directly to DVD discs, or have shadows behind titles, I decided to shell out for the commerical version 5.0.

When I installed 5.0, it forced me to remove version 3.0. Ok, fine.

However, when I tried to load projects created with 3.0, into 5.0, I had trouble. If the movies were larger (say 30 minutes long), they would simply hang 5.0. Shorter movies would load, but the titles I'd added were unavailable.

This means that if I want to do anything to movies I created using version 3.0, I can't. Remember that version 5.0 uninstalled version 3.0.

So I emailed this issue to CyberLink. Their reply confirmed that PowerDirector is not backward-compatible, and that the two versions can't coexist on the same pc. Their helpful suggestion was that if I wanted to revise or reformat a movie created with version 3.0, that I either start over from scratch, or replace version 5.0 with version 3.0, then reverse that again when I want to use 5.0.

Gee, they sound like the sort of company Microsoft might like to buy. This is also not an incentive to buy their full version product. And to be half-decent, they could have pointed this out in their product literature.
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if you like fool around with another company. take a title and make it a clip. then add it in as a clip to the other program.

you may find that an easier way than spending a ton of money on something that ummmm'

Aiptek gave out as a freebie?

Muvee4 and power director 4 Lol sorry sg i am with you on this.

only good outcome was Uleade video suiete 8se dvd on the Ispan?
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sg I think yo should try this one


It's free
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In order to finish off a couple of movies I'd started in PowerDirector 3.0, I had to reinstall v.3.0. This took two tries to get it to work, and it still doesn't work 100%. Good enough to finish the movies. Installing v3.0 insisted on removing v5.0.

So now I'll have to cut over to v5.0, and hope I never have to edit movies I created with version 3.0.

What's really stupid about this is that if I'd bought a different video editing package, such as Ulead Video Studio, I could still use the old version of PowerDirector.

Here's the features I've found are important in video editing:

- timeline
- timeline can be stretched or compressed

- only basic ones needed, flashy ones are distracting
- ability to vary the duration
- ability to copy
- must have a good dissolve transition

- must have a good selection of fonts
- choice of colors, sizes etc. of font
- basic selection of effects to appear and disappear
- duration of showing
- position on screen
- centering etc
- add background shading so text stands out from background
- can attach titles to clips or stills

- must be able to modify and selectively fade volume of soundtrack on video
- can add background music
- can change volume of background music
- can add voice-over
- can trim background music

Clips, Stills
- can include .asf and .avi in same movie
- can include stills
- select default duration of stills
- can trim and split video clips
- can edit brightness, contrast etc. of stills and videos
- drag and drop addition to timeline
- ability to clip stills out of videos

- can replay clips or entire movie
- large selection of output formats
- can burn dvd's from project stage
- fast rendering
- successive passes render changed content only

- stable, resistant to hanging
- fast

I'd say this is a minimum list for what I'm trying to do. So far, none of the bundled video editing packages have been able to do all of this.
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