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I've been watching the eBay auctions, waiting for "just the right" mpvr to bid on. I've also found another participant here very active in the bidding.

As I noted elsewhere tonight, I discovered that if I leave my 920 turned on, but doing nothing, it times out and shuts off. However, if it is recording or playing back, it will stay going as long as there's memory space or power. My test ran out of memory space in 20 minutes. This means the 920 will do the one thing I thought I needed an MPVR for, which is recording for up to half an hour, using a remote lens head.

As a result, I'm rapidly losing interest in getting an MPVR, and looking forward to getting a 520 or something similar.
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Sg why would you wait for an answer from Ispan?

the Answer is Clear you need to order a battery on your Own?

Sorry to say that is not good bussiness at all, no questions asked I'll send oyu a new battery and keep the old one? or return it at your earliest convience?

If qog gets an answer do you think you can email them and get one?
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