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RaeRae1981 May 26, 2006 12:50 AM

Hey guys, I just noticed something tonite. I have one small dead (white) pixel onmy MPVRthat's really only noticeable when against a dark background. So I did a bunch of tests and this pixel does not show up at all in any photographs, not even a photo of all black background. But it DOES show up in videos, a tiny white dot. It also does not show up on the LCD screen in different modes at all, only when the camera is in viewing mode to start a video or take a photo. So it's not an LCD screen dead spot.

Ok, so my question is, why would it only be in video mode and not in photos? Also, should I worry about this problem traveling or becoming worse or could it just be incidental? If it's just that one tiny dot I can get over it, not going to mess with it cuz I finally love my camera. If it's a really bad sign though...

Thanks. :roll:

I guess I should mention that after checking back to prior videos I've made with this camera since day one, they all do have this tiny little pixel in them, so I guess it's not a new occurence, it has always been there.

fishycomics May 26, 2006 1:43 PM

raerae. happy holidays...........

I just recieved a defective camera , and well I can say " I see the pixal you are refering to" and the tft screen I have on the defective one can only be shown on the tube. it is centered with a white dot or square . I'll do my best t osnap a vid or a shot after i assemble back the camera.

What I think in this case is a badsensor. wore out, I am not a wiz at these things but this one I have no screen action all works fimne and no screen.

sounds bad hearing that can lead to a dead camera? do not know.

fishycomics May 26, 2006 2:09 PM

hmm 15 minutes to put back a defective cam lol.............

here is a vid of that pixal staying in that one spot.

does notbother me due to the defective camera sorry raerae i got to laugh :G

if its realy bothersome you know thesteps on doing s, hope all works out.

RaeRae1981 May 26, 2006 3:13 PM

Yeah, that dot on yours is much more noticeable than the one on mine (sorry!). Mine is just the teeniest little dot that really is probably only noticeable to me. And since it's always been there and I haven't even noticed until now in the almost two months I've used the camera, it's not a huge deal. Just hope it doesn't lead to bigger problems down the road. And I'm glad it doesn't affect photos. Not going to return camera over this minor little dot; happy to have the camera I have after all I went through before! And now with the information we received about the newest models with 2101 FW and its glitches and instabilities, I wouldn't want to go get a newer one at all!!!!

fishycomics May 26, 2006 3:22 PM

I agree, the dot was on a new Mustek, that was defective. possable bad ribbon port. and that is on a big screen tv thats why its looks bigger.

sgspirit May 26, 2006 9:55 PM

Unless I'm wrong, the camera uses all pixels on the sensor when taking stills, and uses a 640x480 subset of them when taking video. Just exactly what subset the video uses is open to question. But if it's a bad physical pixel, it might show up in a different place on a still, than in a video.

If it really does show up only in video, then it has to be a programming bug. Likely a bad address or something like that. Does it show up in the same place in different video resolutions, or with stabilization turned on and off?

This contradicts what I just said, but does it show up in the same place if you use the internal memory?

RaeRae1981 May 27, 2006 1:31 AM

After running testing I found that the dot is still there in both VGA and QVGA modes. It is also still there when using image stabilization, although it appeared to "move" only when I was swiftly moving camera and it was catching up. At that point it also twinkled a little. The dot still appears in internal memory mode.

The dot is so small it doesn't bother me much, my only concern is if it is a bad sign. Otherwise I'm totally happy with my MPVR. Just curious is all.

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