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LizzieD Jun 21, 2006 12:52 PM


I have a DEO 3210. The problem lies in the fact that when I take indoor pics, the flash flashes and finishes, before the camera actually takes the shot, so consequently I get many very dark photos.

I've tried to change settings here and there but nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts please?


fishycomics Jun 21, 2006 1:26 PM

Welcome lizzieD. thank you for bringing up a nice looking hyrid. resembles a few models.

Lets say when the hybrids first came out. they were very expensive, and never had a flash on some Mustek was one. We'll use that model as well as Aiptek. When they became really popular as the Pcs started to get faster, they decided to add a flash and called it flashlight not a a strobe light?

I own the mustek, andAiptek, and both models came out with their versions of flash lights, boy what a powerless flash it was. It lit the room up somewhat but that was it.

What I am sayig is: the flash on them were a nd only threw 3-6 feet of light, if your image is not within 3-6 feet on a white background , do not tryto take the picture, so true with Machro mode if not within 28 inchs to 3 feet do not use machro.

Aiptek then Produced a powerhouse strobe light. far bigger and better , threw a real flash, and at 8 feet, with a white background it will capture 15 feet of room.

Another hybrid was "han-shing" 4aaa system 4 flahs and a dead battery.

today they are beter, the Ispan 920 has a smaller flash then the Aiptek, but still throws a good flash but not as good as the MPVr.

So what can one dow to improve the flash

1 take close up shots, on a subject no greater then 6 feet, hybrid owned 3-4 feet.

2. fully charged battery or not,, have EP setting - (-) (+) of .5 if camera ha to a lower setting or higher , will help out, as well as wb settings

Low Light situations are not the best for ANY HYbrid on the market, oneday will be.

It is just that your flash is small, by the looks. and the shuttersound says click you see the flash and you think it is nottaken but it is. see if you can upgrade the firmware. ask the support team your problem andwhat can be done.

I love my Mustek 4500, and aiptek 5300 with the small flash but use my MPVr but use my Olympus for night shots over anything else. sorry I was of litle help .................................................. ....................................ModFISHY...... .................

LizzieD Jun 21, 2006 4:38 PM

Thank you so much ModFISHY. It was very kind of you to go to so much trouble with information for me. And it did help very much.


fishycomics Jun 21, 2006 4:50 PM

you are welcomed. I thought I had the pic up for all (lol) digilife , Ispan and mustek are the simular models.

Just remember low light will give bad pics and no light no pic. you must have light on the subject.

I tried out my new camcorder , and well there was light far away on the flag it picked it up at 32x optical, the hybrid lol,

as for a pic on the camcorder it has a light and 6 feet pass its not worth snapping

juast like I might have mentioned I use my olympus for flash shots. MPVr for them as well gotto trust one sometime.

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