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Im thinking of buying etiher the Aiptek MPVR or the Digilife DDV-1000...
Which one is my best bet?
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MPVr results


ddv 1000 results


As owner of both cameras

you ask an excellent question.


1 has UsA customeer support, and can be reached by domestic phone call, as well as I am getting used to calling it Norther region.

2 features that DDV100 does not have

standby 1,3,5 minute on/off locking tft screen,usb cover external battery charger, harder plastic shell brightness tft screen control. night modeand some others

DDV100 has over the MPVr still snapping while recording,wb control on vid, wider angle lens, and some others

Trying not to say which is better or worse

one has a ccd, while the other a cmos lens, stereo play on mp3, and easier software to use

the MPVr has a better software for conversion, video , while ddv1000 may take a crisper shot, but cannot swap the sd card out while in the ON postion.

the list will go on and on.

if you are in the Western devision it ma be a better choice to own a ddv1000 while it is easier to obtain or contact ISpan, if as mentioned in the Northen devision, the MPVr. if it , the warranty or camera does not matter. the price may

the Ispan is only sold online at Ebay. and conicdered to be in a new item. that says it all.

Aiptek MPVr issold online in stores and on tv webpages as new and is new.

aiptek as low as 88.00 and on sale today as its last debut at 98.00

Ipsan ddv1000 or digilife. as low as ebay 86. and must utbid others as up to 250.00

these are my opinions but Please read the two topics this will answer your choices.and you'll see a lot of video as well. to choose from
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I used to have a DDV-810, aka V1, and now have a DDV-920, aka 1000.

The 810 is very similar to the Aiptek MPVR. I like the DDV-920 much more than the 810. The 810 had the neat histogram functions, which I ended up never using. It had the screen controls, but overall the 920's controls are easier to use and make the screen controls unnecessary.

I liked the fact the 810 mixed stills and videos, and allowed you to delete mp3 songs. But the 920 takes nicer looking video. Except that the 920 has "bright shadows" from overexposed subject matter, and mine has an intermittent shutoff problem that may be a faulty battery.

The 920 definitely is capable of more detailed stills, having a 5mp sensor, rather than 3mp. It takes shots better in dim light, and has a blue/green color bias instead of the 810's red cast. The 810 has an anti-redeye function, while the 920 does not. The 810 is more tolerant of different video formats to playback.

I've heard enough about the MPVR that I think it must be better than the similar 810. I suspect the MPVR comes with better software, including a conversion program.

So I'd say it's a tossup which is better. Get either one and not worry about whether the other is better. The important change will be when they have optical zooms.
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