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I have digilife DDV-7000. Is it worth to upgrade my firmware version? whats new in the new upgrade?

This is my current firware version

D3-Digilife A0324N-OV 0463.0002

I sawa firmware upgrade in http://www.nisisusa.com/update.htmthats state this:

How to update Firmware for DV6

How to check your firmware version

Switch camera on
With your left thumb hold the REC/PLAY button down
With your right hand push the W button once
On your screen will be the F/W version
if its E1011 or A1104 or less you need to upgrade.

You need A1202 or E1202.

1. Click to download Firmware to your desktop.
2. Unzip to a folder to default, (which should be
3. Format the SD card on the camera to FAT format.
(Start, mycomputer, Highlight DV6, file, format, fat,
4.Open the Unzipped folder - inside will be 2 folders
5.Drag and drop "zburnT_C7.run.elf" first, then drag
and drop DCIM into the camera.

6.Unplug the camera
7.Turn on the camera.
8. The LED red light will twinkle for 20 seconds and
then become solid.
9. Remove battery.
10. Replace battery and restart.

After that is done format the card by
Press the Select button (surrounded by the up and down
Press Up to Settings
Press the select button again.
Scroll down to format card
Press Select button again
HighLight Yes
Press select button


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Hi dOUbleOfour,

I can't overemphasize to approach this matter carefully. One person already screwed up their DDV-S670 by installing the DV6 upgrade on it.

The firmware posted for the Nisis DV6 will not work properly, if at all, in your DDV-7000. The Nisis DV6 is the Digilife DDV-660. If the DV6 firmware works at all, I'd expect you would lose the motion stabilization and remote control functions.

I know of no source for any firmware for the hybrids other than for the Nisis DV6. Nisis did not respond to my email requesting assistance getting firmware updates from Digilife, and Digilife doesn't respond to anything.

There is another topic on the subject of firmware upgrades in this forum, but it generated no responses.
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