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fishycomics Sep 10, 2009 3:33 PM

DOD F200 Hd 500HD full review: Chintaho technologies co ltd
Opened Will be adding as i go along, ready for the comments

Welcome to the Dream of Digit-tech F200HD. by Chintaho Technologies Co ltd

Dream of Digit-Tech. High Definition video camcorder Full HD 1080P.
8.0 megapixal digital cam, HDMI output, 32 sdhc GB, 4x digital zoom, 1920x1080 recording H.264 , 60 fps AV output
5mb CMOS sensor, 4 element fixed focus lens (7 45mm)
2.0 ltps tft lcd screen, mpeg-4 H.264 codec. Mic and speaker mono equipt. 3.7vdc 900 mah removable battery, charger via Usb charger. and more.......Excluding Remote control, CD software, and Mini tripod and other.

Welcome. let me first say, thank you to the People involved overseas, in Hong Kong, and China, thank you.

The F200Hd Aired as 720P (1280x720) res model,as well as 1440x1080 res model, and now a Full hd 1080P (1920x1080) model. If I am and the first to own this model, you'll have a very thorough review, and will give the Kodak Zi8 a run for the money, as well as the New Samsung hmx-u10 and Jvc picusa or will it?. many many other models are out there, so lets concentrate solely on the DOD f200hd , thank you, and on with the review.

In hand:

Welcome, we're not going to show every single pic of the device, and so lets get right down to it.

DO I recommend this unit to you over the Kodak, samsung, Jvc, Rca, flip, and others?

Answer: your money, your decision, and Please research.

In Hand. The cam is as close to a credit card size and thin as a deck of cards. The weight is light not to light, fits in any pocket, and best of all it has its own snap on Clip, strap, and pouch, imitates a cell phone. Hands, always a problem, no matter what you get, particular this one, due to the Record, lower left, a mini tripod in place, problem solved. Turnning on, and switching modes, pic ,playback are all located to the right side. You can scroll through the features, and correctly choose directing the mouse left for raising, and right for lowering. macro, is a manual hard slide swtcih, Beck on black lettering. on the front you'll see the angle of lens in one position only, and all four l.e.d.s on, and are allowed on/off while recording.


with the tabs you have if chosen camera , or camcorder, the same settings, excluding self timer, duration and recycle for the camera mode. settings can be opened in all camcorder, camera and playback. the effects have monochrome, vivid, negative and art, besides the original saphire, black and white, while additional features of Contrast, sharpness, along with more Ev levels. The hybrid only allows to save the cam, and camcorder resolutions, while all others reset back to default with cam off. the file will be AMBA0001-~ and will reset to 0001 and not continue where last left of, if erased.
The Firmware can be shown as VER. 2009 06260, the date the cam was created, like to say.

Screen is bright, and has no set controls to adjust, while filing outdoors at night, and overcast day, the cam is easy to see, but with Small font, and sun, I may have that chance to comment for now its foul weather for this review.

Hands on:

Turn cam on DOD lights up on screen, Five secs we're ready for our first video. Hit record, and hit again we have our video, changing to still, snap the record, and congrats. That simple. Switching to still and video, the mini tabs are tough to press.

A proper hold is needed for the cam swivel the lens and a better shot can be made. We want to view back the shot we taken, we either hit the lower tab, or navigate the mouse left. The Sound comes out of the lower right and that is the Mic as well.

Viewing through the tft screen is pleasant, bright enough in sunny days andsuper bright at night.

This cam is not the first cam to use the Integrated Mic/speaker, The sound is really not bad, but the placement more for the holder, then the people being filmed. Mon sound and stereo/mono TV playback port. TV playback cable is an option, while a HDMI was standard.

To modd the mic may be complicated, due to the intragration.

You have the option to change the settings EV, sharpness, contrast, effect, and a big difference is noticeable, further testing will provide sample.

As everything takes time to get used to, The cam is neat, it's defiantly a pocket-able device. and on the go cam. at least the L.e.d.s do not get in hands way.

Sampling rate:

Data rate: 1920x1080 : 8.3 Mbps AVC with CABAC (high efficiency coding)
1440x1080: 6.5 Mbps AVC with CABAC
1280 x 720: 5.2 MBps AVC with CABAC


I can now come to my conclusion, and give my two cents on this device.
If I were looking for another cam, and to take with me on the go, and have other devices, that allow me to edit, etc, etc, then this is the one I am interested in Price is not high 139.00 shipped, and excluded software, and support.

It's like a Rite Aid Walgreen's disposable cam that you purchase, and do not get me wrong, they are not bad, and do a fine job.

The quality, design, are excellent, and well thought out.

If you are going to purchase, i think I'll save my money up for the Kodak Zi8, and take my chances, with a major company. or try my luck with the new Samsung hmx-u10. But for those who want to test their luck, then you have many companies, of unknown claiming to be the best hd1080p model out there.

If you can video, and enjoy what you capture on film, and share the moments, and not worry bout distant sound then you'll be happy.

Sound, is soft, not to loud or super low a live feed video is being made and will show how a quiet back yard and nearby narrating Will look.

I always say, and Will keep saying to one day I find that perfect model.

"These are a PC low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorder, made for the Daytime Outdoor shots."

SO keep looking,
do your research, review video sample, ask for clips, decide what is best, and before you know it you'll be filming like a pro.

in the next post you'll have video samples, and pictures

fishycomics Sep 10, 2009 7:27 PM

test clip

mediafire DL

Beside the oceans edge 32 meg mediafire DL a hd share site

low lever part one driving controls review haircut a live no acting actual shot with timelapse

headlight review 1
ead light review 2

The BAY bike narrating

Wide angle attachment

fishycomics Sep 13, 2009 12:12 PM

This is Picture, right from the camera 8 meg

subc Sep 13, 2009 8:29 PM

doesn't look bad at all. My notebook plays the file at full resolution on VLC using some 50% of the CPU on average. nice

fishycomics Sep 15, 2009 3:16 PM

About 5 good days has gone by, and I have made over a few hundred clips. I have used some of the settings, features, and functions, and can easily say again.

" This is the Pc Low Budget Hybrid Camcorder, made for the Daytime Outdoor shots."

I wore a Red shirt, light shined on me, and seperation in video can be seen in Headlight Review 1.

At the barber Shop, called Haircut, you have Livefeed of actual sound and video played and time lapsed.

And others.

I use this as my Secondary cam, and I am so close to Hitting the Purchase button for the Samsung Hmx-U10, and as well tempted for the Kodak ZI8 .

The Ev, and contrast, are a workable function here, and does a excellent job, I have gone into m local Wallyworld, and no longer see the jazz cams, or maybe, it was just that one store. This deffently would replace my Jazz, but not my Aiptek action HD GVS yet.

If Aiptek is working on a new Model , they are keeping quiet, tehy are deffently keeping Silent with me. I seen a great deal, and happy I purchased, as i spoken to A person, that I now know is not the owner, or supplyer, just a seller, They refuse to ofer info as well.

So if one asks me Hey how do you like the cam? what do you think my answer wil be?
The Fishcam is Awesome. off to the Silk Screener to get my logo on it. LOL. I cannotcomment if I do not know the name of the model and company.

We Think Thanko is one, and mentioned Chintaho, another. so we'll just end it on that note.

DO I recommend the purchase. My paypal is ******* send me my commission first thank you.

rgvcam Sep 16, 2009 9:55 AM

I find different Walmarts have different stock and they definitely still sell the Jazz cam here though of course the newer model. I am sure I read that it's totally changed and doesn't have the same lower light capabilities as the older model. It would be nice if there was someone who has bought this newer model and posted some samples to confirm this.

fishycomics Sep 16, 2009 1:24 PM

I would love to see the dod f00hod in its placement in stores.

fishycomics Sep 17, 2009 5:14 PM

As its a weeks time, in pocket the cam, recommend a pouch, a baby sock when not in use.

The lens plastic/glass seens to have a star, spec, etc, and luckly its not in view.

The shell shows wear, and around the lcd rear, and guessing the dye of plastic, not the best.

I am never upset, If Iknew how to silkscreen, I be doing that right now making my own paint design, lol.

I will now be doing some 1440, 1280, and 858 scenerio's

What may be interesting, andnot shown in the manual that the cm shows a hand and 60fps that means it's a stablized cam in 60 fps?
I am a owner, and can say no hand on screen, no stabilization.

Look forfuture videos, and comparisons I will work on a aiptek split screen dod enjoy

fishycomics Sep 18, 2009 1:00 PM

As mailed the support team, and think a few days is ample time, not sure if they will return in time a response, you get what you pay fir.

1 Charger via pc turn cam on, stays on full charge, is cam really charging, I wonder if a test needed.

2 gps, mp3 or any mini plug will charge cam ,my gps, and mp3 plug does that and happy.

3 cam will not go to live feed with usb of pc, usb of charger, usb of aftermarket, so cam will not be able to work via ac power., or dc power modifications. you will be able to power tge battery, nothing more.

4 webcam driver download will do just that download the driver, no buttons found to turn on pass charging.

5. wear of cam in due time will ear down, best to protect what is valuable, keep in a baby sock, pouch that came with, or live with what you got.

for now i hope what i learned , will help others out. I am so tempted to purchase a kodak Zi8, but something (sniff ) (sniff) may be coming around the corner

a lot of videos are now up online for your leasure enjoy them thanks....

fishycomics Sep 19, 2009 6:20 PM
comparison video voice narated . aiptek dod enjoy

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