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Default Does this Hybrid exist?

Hi everyone! Longtime viewer and I'm back in the market for a hybrid cam, now that they have high definition. I've spent so many hours researching already, but there are so many models out there and I can't seem to find a combination that fits my needs. So, if anyone is up to the challenge, I'd like to list what I'm looking for and see if a camcorder exists that matches them.

First, I'm not concerned about price at this point. I just want one of those $100-$250 little "pocket" camcorders that fits my needs. So, this won't be an issue.

I use a Mac and edit video on iMovie.

I would like something with the highest hd possible- have I even seen some 1920x1080 on here?? If not, 1440x1080 is fine. But, if the camera is better in low light, I'll even get 720p.

I do a video series on YouTube where I record acoustic songs. Right now, I use iMovie and the webcam built into my Mac laptop. The quality stinks, but at least I get to plug in my external Zoom stereo microphone to get great audio. Also, I have a program called iGlasses that makes the video brighter because the lighting conditions in my studio aren't that great.

So, first and foremost, are there ANY of these little hd camcorders out there that I can use as a "webcam" of sorts in iMovie? I've seen tutorials explaining how to male any webcam work with iMovie, but I can't even tell which of these camcorders even work as webcams.

Now, I'm not adversed to recording clips and importing them into iMovie, but then:

- the format should be good for Macs- preferably H.264 and not .AVI
- there would need to be a STEREO mic or line in so I could use my good microphone and position it closer to me
- it would have to work well in low light because I couldn't use iGlasses anymore

I am also going to Hawaii for my honeymoon later this summer, so it would be nice to have a small camera to take outdoor video there.

I don't mind what kind of memory, battery, etc. It would also be a nice touch to have a built-in stereo mic, just for everyday shooting.

I think I covered everything. Thanks for any help and advice!!
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