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*****FOR THE MUSTEK DV-9300....ON 640 x 480 IS IT 10FPS OR 30 FPS******

http://www.c-source.com/ttechnote.as...300&src=PG <<<10 FPS @ 640x480

http://www.mustek.com/ProductDetail....duct=DV%209300 <<<30 FPS @ 640x480

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The Mustek DV-9300 has a VGA (640X480) rateof up to 30 frames per second. In actual use, the rate is more like 24 fps.
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Oldhace hit the nail on the head, he Owns the camera and can comment precisely on it

the mustek 5300se is the camera they may have been seeking the info from, and probably made the mistakes of posting itto the 9300. if the 5300 software runs the 9300 as well, then maybe its minipulation of some tweaking of the chip, etc on these two models.

the 3500, and 4500 run almost of the same software as well, you can run the 4500, and use the 3500 software for the driver?

trust mustek site over any other site, if the camera is at that low end price its a great bargain, but i rather look foward to the 12m then the 9300 just a tab more in features , so many models to choose from, but keep looking I hear a 3x optical is soon to be released but no true ccd snensers yet. grreat find on the topic

" Includes DV 5300, Installation CD" typo on the 1st site

640 x 480/10fps (Max)
352 x 288/30fps (Max)
320 x 240/30fps (Max)

Mustek site 9300

•Fine: 640 x 480 30 fps

•Normal: 352 x 288 30 fps

•Economic: 320 x 240 30 fps


•Fine: 640 x 480 10 fps

•Norma:l 352 x 288 30 fps

•Economic: 320 x 240 30 fps Normal 352 x288 30fps Fine: 640 x 480 10 fps

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