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foreignexchange Jul 25, 2005 11:31 PM

Hey guys,
I'm from the US, but I'm going to paris for a semester abroad and I wanted a small video camera for my adventures. I just bought an IS-DV and I was wondering if the battery charger was 220v compatible. I haven't opened the package yet because I'm pretty sureit won't be. Would targt take it back if I opened the plastic to try it?

If the charger doesn't work any recommendations on a camera that uses AAs? Most important consideration is size (and 30fps) I've decided i don't need vga as long as the 320 x 240 is ~30fps . And compact flash is easier for me than sd, but I can buy an sd card.


sgspirit Jul 26, 2005 12:47 AM

Hi foreignexchange,

I doubt the camera you bought would be set up for 220V charging. Undoubtedly the camera is sold in Europe with the correct charger. I can't advise on Target's return policy.

I suspect there should be a 110/220V adaptor on the market, since this is not a new problem.

I'd have to do a bit of research to see if there's a similar camera that uses AA's. But I think most of the better ones these days are using more specialized batteries. I believe there are one or two that use 4-AAA's, but I'll check within a day or two. If I were you, I'd just get the adaptor.

foreignexchange Jul 26, 2005 7:20 AM

thanks for the reply.
the problem with the adapter is if i take a 2 daytrip to italy I'd have to carry the extra weight and on top of that I might not have access to an outlet if I needed to recharge. AAs would be better all around.
Again after seeing sample video I'm pretty sure 320x240 30fps would be sufficient for me, so if there's a camera with AA power, small size, and cf cards I'd be :D

fishycomics Jul 26, 2005 10:55 AM

F.E. if you do not mind me asking, why not go to a radioshack, get yourself some aa lithiums, they are 1.2 volts and hold a powerful punch akaline will last a short time, rechargables longer, lithiums longest. Once you used up the lithiums you may dispose of them to the correct recycling areas.

So you need to ask yourself. costco 40 aa's are enexpensive. I forget the price.

2, the panasonic charger @ costcohas a few ways to plug in and Yes the usb port, so if you are taking a laptop, then no need for the adaptor if your laptop is adaptable.

3 an adaptor less weight then the 40aa's

4 lithiums a dz. very expensive 13.00 a pkg of 2 or 4adaptor still lighter.

Now at target i cannot answer for them , but there return policy is not bad 90 days to return open or notno questions asked. but if it is store bought there may be restocking fees today , not online.

an example of my expeirence on a cruiseship. I had a recharger, and the plug was at the bottom back, with the reverse polarity in one direction, well the regulations of the ship or places vary electrical regulations, they have the ground upside down , on top, incase you cross the pins of the plug, I did it at work POP!

I could not get my charger in, I had 4aa's for the olympus and 2 for the mustek. I know my olympus can snap a good 400 without a change, and the mustek I di not know if I could go the whole day or week. well lucky me I did go the whole trip with a set of batts, and managed to force the charger passed the plastic, so I was good to go, I recommend if you go bring a small extention cord.

I would not worry, and just get the adaptor, and an extra set of batteries, to carry with you. have a grea8t time.

foreignexchange Jul 26, 2005 2:42 PM


it's not so much the plug fitting as it is there being an available outlet if i'm let's say at a hostel where I have a bunk in the middle of a huge room and nothing else. I wouldnt be carrying 24 AAs with me. I could buy batteries whereever I needed them.
In this case cost is less a priority than availability to me, because I don't want to miss a cool moment. That's why I want a cam like this, because I know i'd never carry anything bigger.

hope that made sense and thanks for your reply

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"edit: and i'm not sure if you're aware the is-dv battery cannot be replaced by AAs it's rectangular.

I think i'm going to open the box and maybe the battery will fit in my phone I know the charger for that works on 220v.



aiptek support guy said he knows it has worked with an adapter (just the plug not a whole transformer) but "obviously we can't guarantee 100%)

fishycomics Jul 26, 2005 4:32 PM

gotcha it is a rechargable unit. no problem, best bet is an adaptor and also, the camera has a ntsc and pal setting you will need to set that while viewing on the tube have fun. and when you get back from your expidition we want pics and a vid have fun

foreignexchange Jul 26, 2005 11:46 PM

well i opened the box. charger says 100-240v

should work just peachy.

however, if anyone else has suggestions..
criteria are
1. size.
2. at least 40 mins on a 1gb card
3. 30fps , 640 x480 preferred.
4. price (under 400 for sure, under 200 preferred)

6. Disposable batteries

doesn't matter if it's a digital still camera with video capability or an aiptek like device

sgspirit Jul 27, 2005 12:51 AM

I wrote the following before you found the charger will work for 220V. You will still need an adaptor for the prongs, though.

The Mustek DV4500/5000 uses 2-AA's, and does 320x288 at 25fps. 640x480/15-18fps.
Apitek DV4100 uses 4-AAA's, 352x288/30fps, 640x480/24fps. But it's a little bulkier.
Aiptek DV4500 and 4900 use 2-AA's, 640x480/11-15fps, 352x288/30fps.
Aiptek DV5300 uses 2-AAA's, 640x480/11-15fps, 352x288/30fps, and is the smallest of the cameras that use regular batteries.
DXG/Hanshing 305V uses 4-AAA's, 640x480/15fps, 320x240/30fps.

Of all these, I believe the only one that does not use SD/MMC cards is the Aiptek DV4100, which uses compact flash or microdisc. My rough size calculation is that the 4100 is about 1.5 times the size of the IS/DV, which itself is almost twice the size of the 5300. (494cu/mm vs 278 cu/mm vs 151 cu/mm)

As for batteries, you'll need very good ones or you'll go through them like crazy.

I think all these cameras will be in your price range. As for video storage, the Digilife's using their highest quality 640x480/30fps put 37 minutes of video on a 512Mb SD card. So you'll have no problem with capacity if you're happy with 40 minutes on a 1Gb card. As you can see, going to half the resolution,means you can put four times as many minutes on the same card, or twice as much if you cut the fps in half.

foreignexchange Jul 27, 2005 1:35 PM

thanks for taking the time. i appreciate it. Opened the is-dv box last night and the indoor movies were quite disappointing. Oh well, i was warned about low-light situations.
I didn't really consider the 5300 because the shape seems awkward and it seemed like it would bug me if it was in my pants pocket. the is-dv is bulky, but since it;s light and has the shape it has it wasn't TOO uncomfortable.

Really the canon sd3000/4000/5000 seems perfect for me. that would be an ideal camera, but it records in mpeg1 so the files are huge! I don't know... i leave in 3 weeks!! maybe i'll buy 1 there haha!

fishycomics Jul 27, 2005 2:49 PM


aiptek 5300 will not be suited for you, low lighting and poor sound.

mustek low lighting and a better vid and sound, both are pocket cameras and fit away nicely, the aiptek might feel just a tab, but lighter in the pocket. the mustek, has a far better battery life, as for aiptek you might want to read the topic aiptek battery test , here is the link;forum_id=92

1 hour on the life of a 2aaa battery.

both cameras will film a 1 hr 45 minute film. and at a low setting just under 3 hours.

mustek will give you the full 3 hours. and both cameras do not take low light still unless you have a lit subject, forexample I filmed a fireworks show and both did a fine job, I was happier with my mustek b/c I made a dvd and the booms nocked me out of the seat aiptek was distorted.

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