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Let me first say, I'm a Beginner with the whole Camcorder thing.

I'm interested in purchasing either the DV5500 by Mustek.comor theMPVR by Aiptek.com

Of course everyone needs could be different for a Camcorder. Mine is to be able to take decent digitalpictures and be able to record Audio and Video at the same time and transfer to my Laptop & again viewa decent Video with Sound.

Some people who purchase a Camcorder might want the Best Pictures and Video with Sound with all the Special features. Like i mentioned i just want to be able to take Decent Digital Pictures along with Decent Video & Audio to be able to transfer to Laptop and view.

I read "Fishycomics"extensive feedback on his purchase ofthe MPVR by Aiptek, GREATLY appreciative! From my understanding and bear with me, again I'm Naive when it comes to Camcordersit seemthe battery and memory could be quite a concern, if the battery is low, can't you just recharge it, like with your cellphone.

From the Expertswhich will be a better choice DV5500 by Mustek or the MPVR by Aiptek??


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ttaak welcome aboard.

aip vs. mus....

Mustek dv5500 started out and I love the sound, the vid and stills are fine. I have had a extended battery life of over 3 plus hours on a aa system, and compairing my aiptek, I would go with Mustek, but before we decide to steer you in the right direction take in concideration.

Mustek dv5500 has has flaws, a auto focus defect, and then sent out with the newer lotts a letter saying it was fixed. camera locks on auto fucal points and you need to manually record. , others wil ltell you more about it.

today the aiptek, may be the same camera as the digilife ispan and other brands. pmp players are the newer hybrids. able to record shows to the camera, for example , a dvd of a movie into the camera. but the drawback is battery life 1 hour plus this cannot be extended unless you modify a battery pack. they sell aftermarket kits and you need to figure out how to go about that.

the aiptek sound is good the mustek is better. for a truer stereo sanyo c series, you are going to spend over 200 plus i would go for the c1 optical zoom ccd lens if the price is a little to high then the musteks ccd lens and features are fine. and if again want a conomy one the Aiptek mpvr with an optional remote

remember no matter what model you get all will proform excellent in DAYLIGHT SHOTS , any dark situated shots with no light will be Just that no light and no video

I thank you for the compliment, and review before you make that decision.

want a economy camera the Mustek dv series are good, the aiptek is okay, the digi life m1 with remote may be a smarter choice

Mustek dv5500 250

aiptek 150-200 plus 15 for remote

digi life 150 with remote

wait for others to report in and read their comments thanx ,mod fishy
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I am one of the unhappy owners of a Mustek DV5500. I purchased it when it was first available in the USA from Home Shopping Network. On HSN's customer rating system the camera's average rating was 1 star out of 5 stars.

The auto-focus was the bigest problem. Mine died in macro mode, making it practically useless. There were also some reports that some SD cards caused the camera to freeze up. Mustek reccommended using MMC instead.The navigation control was poorly designed and it was hard to use. The spring in the shutter lever was too strong. I had to gripe the camera with two hands to keep the camera steady while using the shutter. The slow fps for VGA (640x480) video made the resulting clips jerky.

If you still want the Mustek DV 5500, you might want to wait until the new DV 5600 is available in the USA. You should be able to get a better price on the DV 5500then

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Hi ttaakk

fishycomics and OldHACer have already commented on the Mustek DV5500. The newer DV5600 may work better, but there have been no reports from owners yet.

The Aiptek MPVR is a more advanced camera, with motion stabilization, video-in, and an optional remote control, to name a few features the 5500 never had.

In this price range, the best bet at the moment is the Digilife DDV-M1, also known as the DDV-910. At this price level, whether you're satisfied with the quality of stills and video depends on your expectations. If you expect a lot, you should be looking at a more expensive model such as the Samsung or Sanyos. If you also want an optical zoom, you will have to get either one of the more expensive hybrids, or a digital still camera that takes 640x480 video at 30 frames per second.

If you put quantity of video above quality, you need to get something with MPEG4 video compression. If you put quality above quantity, then get one without MPEG4.

The first digital video camera is always a guessing game. You really know what to look for when you're shopping for your second one.

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