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imperialc9 May 1, 2007 11:30 PM

I'm new to the forums and have been reading up on the hybrids. I'm looking to get either the DXG 506v or the MPVR.

I've read alot of good reviews on the MPVR. The DXG 506v seems to get mixed experiences/reviews.

I understand each of the pros and cons on both brands but like to know more about each. I just came across a site that has DXG 506v footage and must say they're alot better than the 305v. The only footage I can find from the MPVR are from here and on YouTube.

DXG 506v footage:

The clips are tagged so you know which ones aretaken withtheDXG 506v.

I know hybrids are not pro camcorders and I'm not looking for HD quality out of them. I just want something inexpensive to take quick clips. I'd get a camera with better quality if I can afford it but that will have to wait.

Anymore information on either of these hybrids would be appreciated.

fishycomics May 2, 2007 4:33 PM

welcome the site went under construction and a raw footage was lost, or deleted does not matter? I also just crashed lost all my files so I'll do once again try my best to remember a raw footage of the MPVR


this is of a raw footage there are more, I rather just load one right now and get myself up and running.

I suggest ifyou can wait and allow some users to review a GO-HD 300.00 yummy, ifnot the MPVR is the better choice li-on 1 1/2 hr battery over 4aaa under 1 hr, butnot the best mp3 eq and sharpness on the dxg I woud go the MPVR

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