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LifeLine182 Sep 10, 2008 10:39 PM


I need help really bad because their tech support sucks bottom.

Heres my problem

I have this camera but I cant accept the Firmware update Heres why it says its protected. I know about the switch on the side. Its unlocked so I know its not that. Im not using a mac so instructions on unprotecting the card with a mac wont help. This is how I have it set up.

I have the sd card in the camera and the camera plugged into the computer but everytime I copy the firmware in it gives me that message.

I can take pictures of video and transfer them to the computer no problem. I cant add the firmware or add pictures from the computer to the camera.

I did format the sd card on the camera I cannot format the card on the computer because again the disk write protection message.

Can someone please help me here? Tech support said the switch on the side and then they would test it for me blah blah blah

I dont want to add any programs to my comp either. Isnt there a way to find the the write protection and like disable it so I can write to the card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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