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fishycomics Jan 6, 2013 8:34 AM

Discontinued, or out of business? that is a question to keep in mind?

Is it best to buy one? will you take better care of the model. Use it and dump it not caring?

bobjr94 May 10, 2013 9:53 PM

I finally decided to try one once they got cheap enough on ebay. After some playing with, I would call it someplace near junk as far as being able to use it as your everyday do everything camera. Mine will get off focus and not come back in. And it was new sealed in the box, not used or referb. If your doing lots of close up video with no need to zoom, then it may be useful as you can just lock the focus in manual mode, but if thats all your doing you could just your use your phone.

If you don't zoom over about 50% the focus problem isnt as bad. But the display dosent show zoom in numbers or %, just a bar that lags a second behind the actually zoom, so you have to guess. It dosent help the zooming is too fast. Im thinking the focus problems will only get worse as the unit gets older. Sometimes when zoomed in, objects have a slight ghosting around them, almost making them look like they were shot on a green screen, probably due to the tiny lens and sensor you can see when you look into it. When zooming in or out the image looses focus, most other video cameras I have can keep the image focused when zooming in reasonable light conditions.

The longer you use it the worse the focus problem gets, when I first started using it I thought this camera would be a winner, it was working pretty good. But after a bit the focus gets off, just runs in and out, in and out. Nothing will focus near or far, zoomed in or out. For whatever reason, using manual focus wont get a good pic either once it's started doing this. You have to turn it off and on it works great again for a little while. I see why they were discontinued so fast, too bad to it has a number of good features. Since the focus will work fine for a while, you think they could have made some small changes in the firmware to keep it working. There is a calibration in the factory setting (selector in Set, then Menu & Zoom) but I have not tired it, when I recalibrated my 595V it seemed to get worse.
Anyway, here is a run down.

+Does have external mic jack with automatic or manual adjustable input level on either mic. Ext. seems to be mono but I can't find anything on it.
+ 2 hours 46 minutes recording on single charge (@1080P, mostly stationary, some zooming and motion time to time)
+ Replacement batteries are cheap (10-15$ for higher quality ones, 3$ for cheap ones that may / may not last)
+Can be powered by usb cable(good for extended use) and usb chargers are cheap, could also use external battery with usb plug.
+Does have variety of video options AVI or MOV files at 1080P30 & I30, 720P 60 & 30, 800x480Px60 and 432x240Px240fps)-
+Does have manual focus option, can focus in or out or lock focus in place with the little selector stick, but dosnt always work.
+Comes with HDMI cable
+Does have optical image stabilization. Works pretty good, holds image fairly steady even with purposely shaking camera, every now and then it will cause the image to jump if you moving the camera and looses track of where it was.
+The manual white balance works very good, point it at something white (wall, paper) and push the stick to manual and it rebalances the colors correctly, even in low or poor lighting.
-It looses focus while zooming and after, it sometimes takes 2-5 seconds to come back in. At higher zoom levels sometime it will never focus, requiring you to zoom back out then wait for it to come back in focus.
-Arcsoft video editor is preloaded into the camera memory, no disk, shows up when you connect a usb cable. I dont care about the software cameras come with, use Sony Vegas Pro. I didnt try it, others said it's an out of date version.
-The zoom does not seem like a true variable speed, I was told by someone at dxg it was. It is maybe 2 speeds, fast and faster. The slowest zoom is to fast for my liking. The zoom also does a stutter step sometimes, starts to zoom in or out, pauses then starts again.
-There also does not seem to be a way of turning off digital zoom, there is a little pause when get to it but it's too easy to use by accident and loose your image quality.

Bit rate I got was around 15,000 at 1080I 30 or 115MB per minute. 10K at 1080P 30(80MB/M). 6.9k at 720x60 (51MB/M) and 7k at 720x30 (54MB/M). 6.7k at 484x60 (51MB/M).

In AVI mode it records H264 and ADPCM 4bit 48k audio in an AVI container
In MOV mode it records AVC1 and AAC 48K audio in an MP4 container

Sony Vegas Pro wouldnt open the AVI files, it didnt like the audio. The MOV files opened fine. Both formats played in Windows Media Player and VLC.

Overall, I really wish this thing focused more accurately, with out getting lost and searching endlessly at times. This would be a nice camera for the price but not focusing correctly is a pretty major defect for a video camera.

Video link:

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