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deul color, as http://www.dxgusa.com/does not have specs yet.

this is the latest find i found it may not be the newest but it is in the papers.

The DXG dsc-521 roadster media player. 150.00 after 20.00 usc rebate
Circuitcity.com or store click me

DXG Roadster Digital Media Player (DSC-521)

5.1-megapixel camera 2.5" TFT color LCD Capture full-motion video
MP3/WMA playback FM radio ready MPEG-4 format

Format Flash Memory/Internal
LCD screen size 2.5" Remote control No
Viewfinder Color Inputs and outputs
Output to personal computer USB 2.0
Analog input Info unavailable
PictBridge-enabled Unavailable
Included software (Camcorders) Info unavailable
Manufacturer's battery life rating Info unavailable
Battery type Rechargeable lithium ion
Picture quality
Zoom 4x digital
Megapixel Yes
Built-in light No Image stabilization Info unavailable
Low light mode None
Digital still capability
Recording media
MultiMediaCard/SD™ card
Included memory 32MB internal
Resolution 5.1 megapixels

General features
Warranty Parts 12 Months Warranty Labor 12 Months
Height 2.0 inches Width 4.7 inches Depth 0.7 inches Weight 4.2 oz

Digital media player: This one has it all! A 5.1-megapixel camera, 30 fps digital camcorder, video game system, digital music player and FM radio in one easy-to-carry device.

Easy playback: With voice recording and MP3/WMA playback, as well as MPEG-4 movie formats and a 4x digital zoom camera, you can capture sound as well as sight with amazing clarity. The 2.5" LCD screen is colorful and easy to use.

Memory: This camera comes with 32MB of built-in flash memory and is also compatible with SD/MMC memory cards up to 2GB. Get the most out of your camera by adding a 1GB or larger SD/MMC memory card. How much memory do you need? Click here to find out.

User friendly: DXG's digital media player comes with easy to use USB 2.0 connections for your PC and has built-in flash memory. It's also lightweight at less than 5 ounces (without batteries)—carrying it all day will be no problem.

Added features: The DSC-521 comes equipped with a photo and video viewer, a video game option (four classic games) and MP3 player—all in one device!

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Old Aug 3, 2006, 10:01 PM   #2
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Does anyone have experience/review/comments on this device? Is it real or a toy? No offense and I understand its a compromise of multiple technologies in once package, but is it more than just a tweener thing? thanks.:?
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Old Aug 5, 2006, 3:34 PM   #3
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tiger may be a company, that sells toys to kay bee or toys are us they showed something simular to this, so if it is a toy it is a great thing for a kid , if it is not one than its a nice gadget to have . I personally do not have this but it sounds pritty interesting,

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Old Aug 5, 2006, 5:01 PM   #4
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Old Sep 22, 2006, 6:15 PM   #5
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I probably purchased the first DXG-Roadster ever bought in the USA. DSC-408 or DXG-521 (I believe) are the model numbers I've seen.

I was looking for an SD card based video camera. Obviously, I wanted something that could record [email protected] The camera and MP3 functions were not that important. After a ton of searching, this camera appeared to be the best, but at the time (a month or so ago) it could not be found anywere for purchase in the US. Finally I did find and purchase it.

Since the Specs are relatively easy to find, let's get to real life scenarios. And note this is a Portable Media Center first, not truly a camera.

Screen, Buttons, Ports, Weight, Durability, Power
Still Camera: Video Camera: Audio Recorder: FM Radio: MP3 Player: Games : OS

This device has a 2.5in screen that looks pretty sharp and shows movies and pictures well. I've kept the plastic film on, but I imagine
that the screen is prone to scratches that a plastic coating might receive.

The Buttons are solid and tight fitting. They're small but perform their functions well. The Joystick fair. A little flimsy but works well so far.

The Ports are as follows: A/V in (RCAx3.5in [headphone style]), A/V out (same as in), USB mini (standard works with any cable -Non Proprietary)
DC in (seemingly proprietary -requires a special adapter), and standard headphone out port.

The weight is appx. 5.1 ounces with the battery and a 1G SD card.

Durability wise, I have dropped the device several times. With almost no moving components, it's solid.

For power the device consumes the NP-60 battery in about an hour on video recording with screen auto off at 1 minute.
It uses 3.7v 1000mah. It uses a small adapter to convert the tip of the powersupply to a smaller form when plugged in. Replacement batteries and chargers are under $15USD. Car chargers exist for the NP-60 as well. This was a great bonus.

As a still Camera the device performs poorly. This is a CMOS based device, however. The shutter lag time is unacceptable, period.
At about 1.5-2 seconds, it does well for planned shots only. In well lit environments it puts out pictures that
are poor to say the least. The blacks, whites and colors all suffer from various problems, but if you love to tweak, you can force fair shots from the device. You'll never get nice blacks, but using
any photo program, you can adjust the contrast/brightnesses a little bit, and the shots are alright. But the lag time renders this
a no go for any versatile photo uses.

As a Video Camera this device performs at fair marks. It does record at [email protected] in AVI (who cares about mov or asf). It again
does not perform in low light however. It records XVID based MPEG4. Low motion clips are excellent; High-Motion shots are
decent. It is prone to jerking during high motion video capture using the internal camera.

As an audio recorder it is fair. It appears to record 12KHz 16bit 2 Channel PCM audio. It can record from the microphone or the radio.
Sound is decent.

The FM radio sounds good. Just a bonus feature. It will record with the radio as its source.

As an MP3 player it's poor/fair. It will play MP3s, but for the screen size gives you no info or options. It lists the mp3s in a 1,2,3
type format without TAG support or movement through the file as you might expect with a memory based player.

Finally as a Portable Media Center the device is fair/poor, considering other devices on the market. It will not simply display any DIVX
or JPEG file you throw on it. After masterful tweaking in virtualdub, I got it to play an XVID file, but it complained -visually speaking.
Grainy to the point of requiring that every frame was an I-Frame. Also, it requires that JPEG files are actually EXIF 2.2 files, and it
won't display it unless it is. EXIF files are not yet standard and there is no tool that I've found which will create .jpg EXIFs that the player
will successfully read. Note that EXIF image compression is actually TIFF based(lossless). Which leads to the software.

Any file, except mp3s, must be converted using the ARCSOFT mediaconverter 2 software in order for it to display properly on this device.
I have called Arcsoft and they do not sell this software any longer. The only way to get it is from DXG or like manufactures. Luckily if you lose
it, the costs is not terribly expensive. DXGUSA, out of california was able to ship it to me for $10usd. It goes without saying that because
any movie needs to be converted before you watch it on the device with ARCSOFT mediaconverter 2. It should work with the proper XVID
codec and settings however, but I have not gotten it to work.

And now the redeeming function of the device, which was hidden in above notes; the A/V input port.
It functions very well as a tiny DVR with very good hardware compression.
With this port, the portable media center as a capture device is astounding and really sets it apart from other, far more expensive devices.
Plug an ordinary digital camera (or better yet cheap camcorder) into the device
and you have an realtime MPEG4 based compression at [email protected] with no jerking no matter how fast
the motion. With a 2G SD card you can easily capture 2 hours. I played a VCR tape into it and it captured it
pretty well considering. And really, this is the feature I wanted -a portable hardware based capture device with the
[email protected] ability. The other functions are passing extras.

So there it is, a simple CMOS 5M camera, FM Radio, low compatibility JPEG viewer (currently low compatibility), XVID recorder/player
tetris player (it does have tetris on it), audio recorder and mp3 player. It's durable, cheap (about $119USD when I got it) and
relatively small. I'll add a link to A/V samples soon !
FYI the TV out function shows literally that which would be on the screen
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hmmm, I must have been right behind you, or just ahead of u, as I bought mine a few days ago here iN NEPA at Circuit City. I got it to test out (was looking for a replacement for my dead Gateway 2mp device) I have tried most of the cams out there of this type (Aiptek ISDV and ISDV2, DV 8800 (Best Buy version) optimus 5040 (vivitar 5mp ) DXG 305. now with the exception of the DXG 305, the low light peformance of these devices is not great, not horrible, but not great, though I have gotten some usable images from them (except the DXG 305, it has the worst low light of the bunch). So far as a camera, the DXG 521 isn't that bad, still learning the ins and outs (thought about getting the 506 instead, but the 15% restocking fee stopped me lol) I like that they fixed low light performance in the 521 (not sure about the 506) only thing I miss is having a Macro function (which is why I might return this for the 506 after all) as for the NP60 battery, I like this, as I have another device that uses it too, so I have a spare if needed, Anyway, as it stands I'll have it at least a few more days, we'll see if I decide to keep it, or return it for another model
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I purchased mine about a month and a half ago, but really the 506v is the one I wanted, needless to say I couldn't find it anywhere. The main difference being it is CCD based and should perform better, generally.

The device performs so well when connected to a better camera -it's a shame. In daylight environments, it does perform pretty well, though. I may have been over critical since it is an all-in-one'er.
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which is CCD based??

as far as I know, both the 506 and 521 are CMOS only the 301 is CCD
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are we talking about the DXG-305, 506v I think it's best before you Purchase this model the 506V you do a little more research as there are two 506v one is a 6.6 meg and the 506v again updated to 12 meg.
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I have to retract the quote! It appears that the 506v is indeed CMOS. It appears on some sites as CCD based, but most display CMOS. I wasn't aware of the two models? Is it another misprint where the greater is just interpolation?
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