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After much testing of different variables and combinations, this is the results:

Changing Quality: No change. Lowering the quality does not decrease the
occurance of choppyness.
Size Change: No Change. Both sizes epxerienced the same lag
Color Mode: No Change. Full color, B&W, and Sepia had same results
File type: AVI. for me, MOV would not even play, video did not show. ASF Actually
experienced minor lag here and there, when AVI did not in those cases.

Motion: No Change. Normal, Moving Slowly, and Moving fast did NOT cause any
glitchyness. Frame by Frame analysis showed that the items in the screen did not
Color: No Change. My sad excuse for a color test still showed no frame change.
Depth: No Change. Having the camera focus on something close up then far did not
cause skip.
Light: CULPERATE. This is the only thing i've found to cause skip. I did two seperate tests, one of a flashlight shining on the pendulum tenis ball in a dark room, and one with the camera set on EV +2.0 Higher brightness on an object or the whole area in general (and by mean higher, i mean high enough to make the whole object a white blob with little to no detail or color). When this happened, frame by frame analysis showed that only every other frame was movement, meaning the frame rate was dropped to the quality of 15 fps which looks choppy.

This explains a lot of the reason why when you go from place to place, the camera gets choppy. As the camera adjusts for the light, any area you enter that is brighter will seem ultra bright to the camera until it adjusts, and during the time it has that ultra bright area, it will seem choppy. Don't bother fiddling with smaller size, or lesser quality, the only thing it will change is your file size.

Alright, my work here is done...

Oh, and if anyone wants to know, it really helps to have a stand for this camera. Before my dad stepped in and got his metal buddies to fashion me a holder for my camera, here's a simple way to make your own stand, with only some tools and a little inginueity.

Get a camera/camcorder stand. Now the trick is to make a mount that will attach to the screw on the plate. For almost all screws on those, a 1/4 inch nut will fit it. Go to your local hardware store and pick up some 1/4 inch nuts (smaller height the better), should be like a buck.

Next, get out the erector set or a peice of sheet metal and drill one of the holes of a peice so you can fit the 1/4 inch bolt into it, then apply the nut. Now you have a plateform, simply find a way to pace the camera on it. Here are some options:

1: Use the rest of the erector set and make a L or U shape plateform, and secure the camera to the stand with simple rubber bands.

2: Use a large chunk of styrofoam, carefull cut out the shape of the camera so the camera can sit in there snug and tight, without blocking much of hte bottom of the screen. Use rubber bands if you wish.

Also, as a way to protect your camera from any hard surface of the stand you make, you can always get those think felt pads (although you may need to take a knife to it to make it really thin), or you could use some sort of adhesive and adhesive some felt clothe to it.

Alrighty, i'm done. If anyone needs help getting movies onto the camera, ask me, i figured everything out about it too, and i could rant about it. Wnat me to?

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anyone benefit fromt his or want to know how to put video onto the 521 easily? Like putting DVD movies on without distorting them.
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I would like to put screen shots of maps on the computer onto the camera. Any thoughts SAP?

The videos worked alright. Also, I fashioned a tripod mount out of a deodorant lid. It screws onto any standard tripod mount.

For the lighting issue, I've found that if you place a light directly behind the CMOS sensor the camera actually performs decently in very low light. It does not chop as much either. I have not found a way to get this to work without taking the camera apart and fashioning a new housing.

Also, my camera is horrible with batteries. Sometimes a fully charged battery has to be taken out and reinserted several times before it works. When it does work, it works like a champ though.

Getting Pictures onto the camera and maybe upgrading the OS -adding mp3 tag reading. My last two gripes.
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Screen shots are easy, just take the screen shot, open up MS Paint and paste, then copy just the map (so it's bigger on the screen), open a new MS paint and paste the map, then save it. Lastly use the arcsoft media converter the cam comes with (it does photos and makes them work on the camera), you can put it as a larger sized image and then while viewing the photo, push the "ok" button and hold it to zoom into to get more detail. For best results though, try to make it as 4 wide 3 high as you can so it doens't get distorted on the camera's screen from stretching.

Awesome Idea with the deoderant lid lol, i guess if you just cut out the area you can fit it in no problem (and keep it smelling good ). We should probably post up our different "modified tripods" for this cam, cuz really for pictures and such you need one.

THe battery could be a defect, my first one i had to return cuz the charger was busted (i would put it in and it wouldn't read as not charged, so it woudln't charge it). I returned and the new one works great. You can get the battery easily on ebay and additional chargers if you just want to get a new set. They are only like 20 after shipping (the battery), you can also find them for a bit more around town, even Office Max had them (where i work)

I'm curious, what's this about hte light and CMOS sensor? I thought the sensor was in front of the camera. Can you tell me more about what the sensor is and how you put a light behind it?

As for the MP3s, i called and they are not making any firmware updates for it, they are focusing on their next camera. Looks like the MP3 tag thing will go unchecked, even though it's an easy fix in my opinion. Anyone have the knowhow to make a firmware update on it it would be cool, but that's beyond my skillteam.

Just might as well put it up here, this is how you get your DVDs onto the camera.

You will need: DVD Shrink (Freeware), SUPER video converter (Freeware), and ArcSoft Media Converter (Comes with camera).

1: Insert the DVD, and open "DVD Shrink"
2: When DVD Shrink comes up, remove all the extra audio that you don't need (like french or subtitles or commentaries), and push "Back Up" and then put the output thingy to some folder on your computer. and run.
3: When this is done, there should be 3-5 large files in the video folder where you saved the DVD to. They should be about 1 gig each, with the last one after it smaller (the end of the movie).
4: Open up SUPER. Set the settings to as followed
A: (For Widescreen Movies)
Type: AVI Compression: MPEG-4 Audio: MP3
Size: 640x368 Ratio: 16:9 FPS: 29.97 Quality: 1000
Audio Frequency: 22050 Channels: 2 Quality: 96

B: (For Full Screen Movies)
Type: AVI Compression: MPEG-4 Audio: MP3
Size: 320x240 Ratio: 4:3 FPS: 29.97 Quality: 1000
Audio Frequency: 22050 Channels: 2 Quality: 96

5: Drag and drop the Video files (the 1 gig and the last one) from the video folder you saved the DVD to into the bottom of the SUPER box (this will add them), then click "Encode Now" and choose "XVID" for the compression type.
6: Once this is all done, run the video files that are produced through ArcSoft Media converter under 320x240 size and your done!

I've done this many times, here are the sizes for the files:

Full screen
At 1 mb Quality
About 8 megabytes per minute of video.

25 min = 200 mb
1 hour = 480 mb
1.5 hr = 720 mb
2 hour = 960 mb
2.5 hr = 1200 mb
3 hour = 1440 mb

At 500kb Quality
About 4.5 megabytes per minute of Video
25 min = 115 mb
1 hour = 270 mb
1.5 hr = 405 mb
2 hour = 540 mb
2.5 hr = 675 mb
3 hour = 810 mb

At 1 mb Quality
About 4.55 mb per minute of Video
25 min = 115 mb
1 hour = 275 mb
1.5 hr = 410 mb
2 hour = 545 mb
2.5 hr = 685 mb
3 hour = 820 mb

At 500kb Quality
About 3.9 mb per minute of video
25 min = 100 mb
1 hour = 240 mb
1.5 hr = 355 mb
2 hour = 470 mb
2.5 hr = 590 mb
3 hour = 705 mb

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How well is the flash on it?
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Flash seemed pretty good, did well in lighting up the area. The only thing is the blur is even worse on flash, you need to make sure ot keep it EXTREMELY still. I alwyas have to brace it against a stationary object. Like i said, it's one of hte many small defects, but i still love my camera
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