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The following FAQ is provided as a source of information in one place to make life easier for those researching a hybrid. The information contained herein, is correct to the best of our knowledge, but with the ever changing nature of the web, there no guarantee that a piece of information is correct or uptodate. It is intended as a guide and starting point only.

1) What devices would classify as a hybrid?

A hybrid is generally considered to be a device that combines a camera/camcorder with an mp3 player. Devices such as the Aiptek MPVR and Samsung i6 would qualify under this. They currently all use a form of MPEG4 for the video format rather than the more inefficient MJPEG compression still in use by most regular cameras, although this may change in the future.

2) What companies produce hybrid type devices?

SVP (Silicon Valley Peripherals)

3) Which companies sell directly in the USA?

The following companies sell directly into the USA Market, but be aware that not every model they currently produce may be available. Also they are often sold under a different name. For instance the Aiptek T100 is sold as the IS-DV2 while the T300 is not available at all.


What hybrid models are currently available for sale in the USA?

Check the websites for the US website

4) What are the web addresses for the various hybrid manufacturers:

North America http://www.aiptek.com
Europe http://www.aiptek.de
Taiwan Headquarters http://www.aiptek.com.tw
Hong Kong and China http://www.aiptek.com.cn

United States http://www.dxgusa.com

United States http://www.mustek.com
Taiwan http://www.mustek.com.tw

Digilife http://www.digilifeglobal.com
SVP (Silicon Valley Peripherals) http://www.svp-tech.com

Samsung http://www.samsung.com

5) What software can you use to convert the .asf format used by the Aiptek Cameras?


Windows Media Encoder from Microsoft is a free download that can be used to convert them to wmv format.

TEMPGenc can be used to comvert them to MPEG-1 format and includes templates for VCD compliant MPEG-1 files.
It can be downloaded from http://www.tmpgenc.net/en/e_download.html

Super from http://www.erightsoft.net/Superdc.html can convert it to a variety of formats including mobile phone formats such as .3gp

6) What resolution setting should I use when taking still images?

Always use the maximum size you can, not exceeding the setting that matches the native CMOS (or CCD) sensor resolution. Anything higher is a waste of memory as it is interpolated and anything smaller is not a good idea unless you are really short on memory. The reason being, that if you ever need to produce a larger print that requires a higher Megapixel setting, the result will be much poorer than if you had used that setting to begin with. Also resorting to interpolation to try and improve the quality will not increase the missing detail that you would have obtained had you used the highest native sensor setting in the first place. With memory as inexpensive as it is these days, there really is no excuse to use the lower still image settings. Example the MPVR has image settings for 1,3 and 6 Megapixels (1M/3M/6M). The actual native resolution of the CMOS sensor is 3 Megapixels, so therefore always try to use the 3M setting.

7) What resolution setting should I use when taking still video?

The same criteria that you would use for the still images also applies to the video. There really is no need to use anything other than the highest quality setting especially considering the fact that these devices use a more efficient compression than MJPEG such as MPEG4. Taking the MPVR as an example, you can fit 48 minutes per GB of on an SD card. With a 2GB card you can fit 96 minutes which should be plenty for most events that you might use this type of device for.

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