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3FaCE Feb 13, 2006 10:50 AM

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HOW TO FF/RW media with MPVR

I have figured it out. It's really quite simple, and actually a bit time consuming. You see, conversion takes as long as the file itself, so 3 minute MP3 takes 3 minutes to "convert":-), and a 2 hour movie takes 2 hours .

Here's how ya do it.

Step1: Get a PS2.

Step2: Get the Gameshark Media Player (lets you stream media from PC to PS2)

Step2.5: IF you dont have a PS2 and the GMP, a DVD player will work for movies and CD music, but not MP3..although actually you could make a MP3 CD and record from that. LOL so really, now that i think about it, you dont even need a PS2 . And ACTUALLY, ANY Media Player device will do now that I think about it. So long as it has RCA jacks, and streams media from your PC to it.

Step3: Hook PS2 (DVD player/MP) up to MPVR via AV-IN cable.

Step4: Make playlist.

Step5: Hit record. (You can record one file at a time- TIME CONSUMING- or simply let an entire songlist get recorded)

PROs to doing this ARE: Fast forward/ Rewind media. Now IF you happen to have the PS2 and GMP you get FULL ID3 tags (song title,Artist, Album, Track number) and time elapsed which is all readable on the screen. Certain DVD players might have something similar.

CONS: Reduced MP3 quality (MONO-audible HUMMM at times especially QUITE moments). Can be STEREO if you have a dual female to single male Y shaped RCA adapter (hard to find) OR, pick up a dual male to single female Y adapter, dual male to dual male RCA plug, and 4 small female to female inline adapters.

TIME CONSUMING, uses battey power, MP3's take up FAAAR more space because they are now .ASF movies. So a 10MB MP3 file would take up 25MB of space...ROUGHLY 2.5x more space is eaten with MP3 files. Think thats it...might be others im not thinkin about.

And FINALLY, here's a little sample of the PS2 running the Gameshark Media Player and streaming Coldplay. Now anyone who DESPERATELY wants rw/ff media can HAVE iT! :G

fishycomics Feb 13, 2006 2:38 PM

very nicey done

can you send over the ps2 so I can test it out? thank you.

3FaCE Feb 13, 2006 4:20 PM

Sure thing, just leave your name, number, Social Security number, address, credit card number, birthdate, city, state, etc. etc. you know, the USUAL :G


With your MPVR connected via AV-IN to ANY source you can switch to the Voice Recorder and record audio ONLY for MUCH smaller file sizes. BUT you cant fast forward/ rewind. lol so really, no point in doin it, unless your REEEALLLY low on card space.

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