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Thanks. So Mustek did put its name on it ... sort of.

What group assigns the codes for vendor, manufacturer, ect? Wouldn't it have a more up-to-date list?
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USB Implementers Forum, Inc. http://www.usb.orgassigns the codes for vendors. I couldn't find thier vendor list in their web site. I think it is closed for public. Only Product Search is avaible on their site http://www.usb.org/kcompliance/view, but it isn't up-to-date.

UVCView uses the May 2005 USB.org vendor list in the Device Descriptor list as stated in its web page: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device...p/UVCview.mspx

http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.idsis the most up-to-date and wide usb vendor list I have ever found.
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This sort of sleuthing is great to see here. I wonder if this technique is revealing information about the USB port chip/modem/interface, or truly confirms who made the camera? As we've already seen, there is considerable mix&match of internal components in hybrids.

The Orite 3020 certainly appears identical to a Digilife DDV-660. Could they use the same case but different internals? Unlikely, but I suppose it's possible. Could Life Technologies, who we thought were creating Digilife cameras, actually be a knockoff name vendor for Chicony products? I suppose that's possible also. Could Digilife be using Chicony components? Also possible.

I'd like to see a way to use similar methods to identify the firmware versions of the cameras.

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sgspirit, Ihopefollowing statementscan answer:

"Life Technologies focuses on R&D and own-brand marketing and contracts out production to a few Taiwan-based manufacturers, Yang noted."


"DigiLife is a brand of the marketing agency Life Technologies Company"

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