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I would like to know how to access the firmware of my hddv 8000, and the possibilities of upgrading its firmware.

More I had read obout linux on iPod , cell phones and some others micro systems such as watches... Well, does any one know some technical information about the processor , memory and any other important stuff of the system inside the camera??? I would like to know to see if it's possible or how hard it would be installing a Linux as an OS for the digital camera.

Thank you all.
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Fred welcome to the site

As this is not a new camera but to here it is. there may not be any members yet, to answer this question, of the firmware , possably Some members like Star........ can

answer as he opened up and seems to have excellent specs or paperwork in keeping order, from the pics he used.

Lets see if the same proceedures to find the MPVr relates to yours

and if not A phone call to the support center persueding them should do. a phone card and cellphones are the best ways if you're interested in doing so

1 turn camera on, go to playback , hit menue and mp3 play together. that's the mpvr proceedure if not menu then mode.
2 you may have to take all sd cards out and try every scenerio button pressing. two buttons together gets it working

As i am still trying to get my IS-DV2 t oshow firmware its not easy. hpe that helps out a lil. welcome again.

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