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fishycomics May 6, 2007 7:44 AM

"the FLIP"

in the Sunday travel , of your local papers you'll see an article of the Flip ( see the write up below)

Uploads of fun

This camcorder retails @ 119.99 and an instant rebate of 20.00 at cashout in CircuitCity.

they are in 2 sizes and will be an optional upgrade of a sd card. if applicable.

article reads:

Pick up the perfect gift this month for Moms and grads with the Li video camcorder from Pure digital technologies

-the first of its kind, leting users upload video directly to youtube and other video sharing sites. The camera is a great tool for travelers, who can store their inner muse andshare their adventures, since the easy-to-usedevice sendsvideo directly to laptops for instant e-mailing. Users can also make movie mixes, edit their clips, add music, capture still photos from video, and design video greetingcards. Flip video costs 119.00 for the30 minute model and 149.99 for the 60 minute model. Get yours at stores nationwide, including best buy, costco, and Target.

xphyle May 6, 2007 12:29 PM

I've read good things about the flip as well, however, the RCA cam is cheaper and contains an SD card slot which the FLIP lacks. In addition, the RCA cam has a rotating/swiveling screen which the Flip lacks.

Finally, I've also read that the ability to upload "directly" to utube via the built in software is misleading. There's a "upload to utube" button, which only takes you to the utube website, from there you need to go through all the normal steps to get your video onto their website. It's basically just a link to the website.


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