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Okay. So I just bought a PocketDV AHD 100 Pro (http://www.aiptek.com.tw/c0_1.php?bi...d=5&pid=32)here in the philippines a.k.a. HD-1 720P High Definition (USA v), well at least that's what I think so.

Well any I was just hoping someone's got a video or review of it how to maximize usage of it...I'm really a fast learner...so please help guys!

Also, got a couple of questions:

Technically how long should I charge it for the first time?

I have noticed that when I tried to charge it AC, each time I move it the charge light indicator disappears does that mean the port is loose and should I ask for replacement?

Each time I open it should it really automatically turns on..I know I can change the automatic turn off mode, but havn't seen a turn on mode. Another thing does it should really read "Change Card" eveytime it turns on?

FYI I have already PM'd fishycomics and he told he doesn't have one of this..thanks for the reply...I hope others will help me though...

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As you have already purchased this model, perhaps you could review it for us? I'd like to see some video samples in various conditions ie low light, how it copes with complex scenery (ie scenes with a lot of vegetation or grass for instance)

The automatic turn on mode is a typical feature of the Aiptek camcorders and there is no way to disable this feature.
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I see...any way I will be posting video and picture samples here soon...
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Welcome aboard maernz....

Thank you for taking the time to Post a PM first, then online here.

As I PM'd not a owner, nor I want to be on these two particular models , the HD1 and HSHD. they are simular to the one's I already own. TheA-HD, and GO, A-HD+ and Action. they take away features and offer 848x640.

I think the older models will show on the tube just fine, andAiptek may now be learning , its time to get the video correctly to a Widescreen format for the 16:9 ratio's, they are Upconverting andmay have found they need to add this.

memory is easy to do, offer memory that cost 5.00 outside Beef up the price, offer a mp3 on a 50 minute battery is a waste. wecan go on and on...........

1. You claime you have a card exchange, this model has 1 gig-2 gig internal, instructions must be read.

that to me is "A DEFECT"

This defect is like my GVS and all the others, turn on cam and ready to snap beat the level of battery you got low battery icon.

I suggest if store bought run back I suggest onlinePurchase stop payment.

2. Battery charge there is life in these new batteries. it is best again to read the instructions, Charge battery for 3-4 hours its fully charged. Allow to sit an additional few more , so the cam can peak it out.

There is "NO TRICKLE CHARGE" here after the battery turns green,

3. The Port of the "CAM" is Defective

it isnotsittingdeep in, it can bewiggled, it can be. pushed, these will interrupt the connection. see how I did not sy charge. Imagine you're Dl your files and it interrupts..............

Filming samples. crayola crayon grab those colors and everyone is happy they are world wide.

maernz wrote:
I see...any way I will be posting video and picture samples here soon...
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