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Hello there !
Great forum helping others to decide what to buy and sharing opinions

I have received yesterday the SPEED HD 50Z from Kat ki Ebay
+battery + sdhc 4GB
The camera has an Very good value for money..
It came to Greece in less than 6 days
It comes complete with a variety of accessories ..remote hdmi cable and others ...

So For the quality of the video i totally agree with the previous statements ...

Very good picture quality in HD mode 1080 in taking scenes from far or close (macro mode) in sunlight...EXTRA good Macro mode actually ...
Not very good at action scenes cause of the low frame rate..or i dont know...
For scenes with low light and in taking films moving i suggest 720p mode 60fps
I found it better and video quality is perfect !
Easy menu ..good battery life ...and though its not very ::sharp:: in picture mode when in full view it can do the job pretty well !! when shooting in 12 MP
I found the focus of the camera normal...had no problems at all..

I suggest the camera for the money.. 160 including post..

(It has a stuck red pixel i the corner of the touch screen :P But its made in china so i am very glad tha it is only one )
I will post videos and photos in the future
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Old Dec 26, 2009, 9:11 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by interfreak View Post
Very nice video maranda!! Was that edited on a Mac?
no i use a pc with pinneacle studio, i am saving money to buy a mac with final cut.
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Old Dec 26, 2009, 9:13 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by fishycomics View Post
Welcome aboard Maranda.....

WOW! stunning, very impressed, happy t ohear you are enjoying your Hybrid.....
thank you fishy
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Old Dec 27, 2009, 10:15 PM   #44
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Hello everyone .

New to the forum and I was wondering if you guys can please help me out with a query I have about this camera.

I am looking at buying a camcorder so I can record my weekend motorbike rides with and the Speed HD-50Z is one of the cameras I have considered.
Now I have been doing lots of research this past week and I have basically narrowed down my choices to either the Speed HD-50Z or the JVC Everio GZ-MS120. As both these cameras are in my price range and seem to be the best for the amount of money I want to spend.

I have chosen the Speed HD-50Z because I like the idea of having a HD camcorder and from some of the videos I have seen, especially in this thread the quality looks amazing.

However my concern with this camera is, what is the quality like when it is being used to film fast action motion? Such as recording inside a car or on a motorbike.

Has anyone made or seen any videos while the camera is mounted and filming fast action? If so could you please let me know where I can view them online?

The videos don't have to be in 1080p @ 30fps either. Especially if I can get a smoother video at say 720p @ 60 fps.

On You Tube I have seen a video being filmed with the Speed HD-50Z as the guy is leaving a car park. But it looks awfully jerky and not very smooth at all. Can anyone confirm if this is the type of quality I would get from this camera while it is being used in a moving environment? The video is located here:


I also posted some comments about it not being very smooth. Some people say the video has been edited wrong or something like that. But I cannot seem to find any other videos in which this camera is being used in a moving environment.

As for the JVC Everio GZ-MS120. I know its not a HD camcorder and the output format is only 640x360 at 16:9 and 832x624 / 640x480 at 4:3. But I have seen a few videos on You Tube where this camera is being used to film motorbike rides and the videos are very smooth with no jerking or shaking issues. Here is a video of this camcorder in action.


Plus the zoom lens on this camera seems far superior to the Speed HD-50Z. But thats of no real benefit to me. As I wont be using the zooming part of the camera.

Also in another video on You Tube made with the JVC Everio GZ-MS120 a guy on there had this to say about HD camcorders.

This JVC camera records at 8.5 MBPS.

All the cheap HD cameras such as the Flip, The Vado, and The ZI6 don't go beyond around 12 MBPS.

Most HD camera's record at least 17 MPBS and cost at least $500. If your gonna spend at least $150-200 for a camera your better not getting an HD camera but getting something like this JVC camcorder.

So can someone please help me decide on which camera I should buy for what I intend on doing? As it's all starting to get a little confusing now and I am starting to get tired of reading reviews and researching things .

Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

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Old Dec 27, 2009, 11:23 PM   #45
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It really comes down to CCD vs CMOS. In this very specific case, the JVC uses a CCD sensor, while the HD-50z uses a CMOS sensor (very common in most consumer HD, solid media camcorders these days).

As a rider, personally I would not use a CMOS camera to record a run. Rolling shutter comes to mind (jello-ish effect)

Look here http://www.dvxuser.com/jason/CMOS-CCD/
That's like.. your opinion man
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ccd - a star trek beam like the transformer is how I can explain it, when in a dayligt.

ccd- a purple streak or line at night when street lamps or lights.

cmos- a black spot in daylight

cmos- no streak or line,

now today ccd's still have what I said above, and the cmos now picks up the traites of the ccd, as it improved quite a bit, you'll ave a near resemblence of a star trek, in dayligt, and a ring around street light or light at night.

Wobble is not present on better cmos cameras, they are present on te ones that may or may not ave a correct stabilizer.

why the Jello effect, Rolling shutter effect. or tilt occures can be many reasons, a better EIS , not sure.

Te Aiptek models always had this not wobble, but Jello when movement to the side was present, and the Aiptek GVS, now has 99% te best of all no jello. as an example. not saying it is the Best.

just my opinion.
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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Anything with a CMOS image sensor is not good for recording fast motion scenes. Even top-of-the-line $1200 Sony HD camcorders exhibit noticeable stretching and distorting of the image shape during fast motion. And these cheap no-name "Speed" cameras (and their various clones, such as DXG 595V) are about the worst of the bunch -- even with the so-called "image stabilization" turned on, you'll get "jellovision" galore anytime you move the camera around.

On the other hand, a standard definition JVC camcorder with a CCD image sensor is an excellent choice. JVC has one of the best image stabilization systems available, and when combined with the inherent stability of a CCD, you'll get virtually rock-solid video even during fast motion scenes.
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Thanks guys for your replies, very much appreciated!

I think I am now sold on the JVC. I know from past experience with web cams CCD sensors seem to produce much better video over the CMOS sensor web cams. I have both cameras setup on my computer and I can see the difference between them.

But I was not sure if the same thing applied to camcorders and after reading that article subc put up that explained everything to me. So thank you very much for that. As I now have a better understanding of the differences.

I did notice in some of the Speed HD-50Z videos on occasion you would get a line through the video. Or what I now believe to be a jellovision effect. I wondered what that was. It mainly appeared when the camera was being moved and this is what concerned me about this camera. As the JVC did not have this issue nor did any of the more expensive HD cameras either.

However in all fairness in most of the videos shot with the Speed HD-50Z at 720p with 60fps it didn't seem to be such a problem. It just seemed to be a problem when videos were being shot at 30fps.

Well I think I am pretty well much sold on the JVC now. Plus with the JVC I will get a local warranty if I have any problems with it, so that is another good thing in its favor.

Finally not that I can really afford one. But does anyone know if there are any HD camcorders out there that use CCD sensors?

Thanks again for all your help.
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Old Dec 29, 2009, 12:38 PM   #49
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Originally Posted by CybaGirl View Post
But does anyone know if there are any HD camcorders out there that use CCD sensors?
A few years ago there were a few, but today, HD cameras using CCDs have moved up into the professional class, costing $3000 or more.

Also, around 2003-2005, Sony had some standard definition tape camcorders using "HD"-resolution CCD image sensors. For example, DCR-TRV70 uses a 2.1 megapixel CCD, which is higher resolution than the 1.6 megapixel CMOS sensors which many handheld "HD" cameras use, even though it only records to standard definition MiniDV tape -- make that incredibly clear standard definition, at least in good lighting.
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Not one of my videos recorded on the HD-50z at 720p 60fps have this 'Jello affect' even when zoomed. In 1080p 30fps, this affect is present but not overly so. 99% of my videos are filmed at 720p 60fps, as it is super smooth and great quality. Shaking the camera will of course cause some distortion, but what camera doesn't? EIS minimises this somewhat and I have to say works quite well on the HD-50z.
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