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I was playing around with my A-HD and decided to see how well it would pick up infrared light. I was wanting to try it out with infrared LED arrays so I took it apart to see if it could be done. The stock lens is easy to get to, just unscrew the silver tube protector around it and you have access to the screw in lens. The lens is an m12x.5 style lens with the IR filter inside the lens.I did not want to damage the stock lens since so I decided to use a lens I got from B and H photo which does not have the IR cut filter installed.

So first step was to remove the stock lens. Its held in place by some hot glue on the threads. I scratched an alignment mark on the top of the lens and the lens holder to make sure when I installed it back, that I could align it properly. So I took a small pick and removed the hot glue and carefully unscrewed the stock lens, making note of how many turns it took to remove. Then, I simply screwed in the new lens. The new lens was a bit longer and hit the plastic insert inside the silver tube protector, so I took a dremmel and opened up the hole in the tube protector to allow the new lens to fit through. I popped out the protective glass on the silver protector tube so I could access the lens for focusing.

I fired up my IR array and took it outside to try out. It worked fairly well. Its not as sensitive as other cameras I have done the IR mod on, but its decent.I was using one of my own IR arrays which usedeightjumbo SMDIR leds, its pretty powerful at around 7 watts. Also the LEDs in the array were 850um leds. They put out a very dim red glow, but work well with IR modded sensors. I went ahead and installed the color lens back into the A-HD after the test because I want to use it as a family camcorder and I have other hybrids that pick up IR better. I really like the color recording quality of the A-HD so I decidednot to leave it as an IR camera. I you want to look at some sample IR videos of the A-HD in Nightshot and Non Nighshot mode, you can download the clips here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the IR samples. The other clips are just of me testing the camera out of the box with not mods. Also, the IR sample clips are about 10 megs each, so right click and hit "save as" to down load them.
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