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as mentioned in numerous posts, I see that there aren't that many reviews regarding hybrid cams. I did read the reviews from Steve (that web sites) and some others on the net (mostly panasonic cams).

Here is what I need.
I am not satisfied with the number of lines of bullet CCTV cameras. I need at least 720 lines and it seems that it is also cheaper to go with a HD hibrid cam.

My application is to shoot movies while flyfishing saltwater.
I would like a cam that is:
1- weather proof (or that can be made weather proof easily)
2- shoot HD quality movies with at least 720 lines and a fps>= 30
3- can use SDHC cards
4- good battery life
5- image stabilization system

Eventually with a remote control (since it is mounted on a helmet).
I do not care much of the zoom since I will be shooting in 1X most of the time.

Thank you guys for your input!
Cheers to all.

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I would like all those features too please!!!

Honestly there are no hybrids (yet) that will give true 720p picture quality, especially if you are speaking of the cheaper Aiptek / Digilife / SVP / Mustek type products. All models compress the image and the end result is loss of fine detail. Second issue with the cheap CMOS type camers is the "rolling shutter" problem. These cameras do not capture an entire "frame" at once, instead data is read from the CMOS pickup from top to bottom at a slower rate than the advertised frame rate. End result is a picture that will "stretch" and "wiggle" when panning the camera side to side. It is very noticable when the camera is not held completely still, such as in a "helmetcam" setup.

I have played with a few types of the cheap hybrids, see: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...=92&page=2

This is a Vupoint DV-DA1-VP (CCD pickup model) mounted to a helmet. One of my posts (see link above, scroll down) has a link to six video clips on Vimeo you can look at. You can also download the original raw video file and see how much detail is lost due to compression. The clips were recorded at 640x480.

The best helmetcam setup out there (that I know of) is the Viosport POV. It records to SD card at 720x480 with moderate compression. It also costs nearly $700.
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Old Feb 20, 2008, 9:39 PM   #3
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Welcome hydrocynus (though your stay may be brief :-)

To back up what foxdirtrider said, I don't think you'll find any gear that meets your needs in the sort of cameras we discuss here. Most of the rare bullet cams for these hybrids are 320x200, so 720x... is out of the picture. I guess that's why people tape entire camcorders to their helmets.
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Hmmm. Too bad.

I was not pleased with the bullet cams on the market today either. I think that SONY is working on a 720p CCTV but I am unsure if it is out yet. The other problem that I have is the way the video is stored (and eventually compressed) on most of the DVRs.

The setup I currently have is indeed what you guys describe. I have a regular (quite old now) Panasonic DV camera (PV DV 102) screwed onto my helmet. I do get the quality I want with this camera, but it is bulky and quite heavy. I am looking for a lighter and more compact cam. This is the reason of that post.
Also, with the DV camcorder mentioned above, I have condensation problems inside the cam or onto the tape that has ruined some nice footage.
I guess I am leaning toward a mini DV or DVD camcorder, or one of those that record on a hard drive.
Do you guys know if there is a camcorder able to record HD (or to the lesser DVD) quality movies onto a solid state drive?

It sounds like I need to be more patient. The technology and price is right on the corner.

I need to shoot high quality since I have in project to make a commercial DVD about some of the fish I catch while flyfishing in the Keys and the rest of South Florida.

Cheers to all.

And no, you will see me more often, because I am also into digital photography.

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Old Apr 20, 2013, 12:37 PM   #5
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today these cams are available in a number of companies. gopro, jvc, swam.
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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I think maybe there is a HD bullet out there. Hybrids do produce 720p, does not matter about the compression, it is as good as it gets, so to speak. As long as you look for an ambarella based hybrid (most h264 ones) with higher data rate, you get mire detail. Ambarella based hybrids do well on quality for data rate, and some amount of data rate. Nothing below about 9mb/s for 720p, at least 18 mb/s preferred, 1080p, double it. 1080p60/p50 beats 1080i60/i50.

As fishy said, go-pro, is probably best well known one. Find a bullet cam and action am site with product list, and search, then come back and tells us what you find.
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