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jackaleman May 24, 2006 12:01 AM

Hi, i just joined this great forum,

I'm having some sort of a problem here, i just purchased a Vu Blue PMP DV camera, and it has 11mp enhanced with 8x digi zoom.

the following is the firmware details:


my question is, is there any 100% answer wheter this camera i have is an Ispan DV910 or DV920? the only markings i have on the lens are f=8.5mm F3.0

Oh, and where would i be able to get firmware updates for this camera? ispan email is over quota, and vu blue is down... lol

picked this cam up locally from a shop here in toronto for CDN $260 with a 1gig sandisk sd card.



*edit* sorry abt the title, i cant edit it........ i wish i could though, sorry if i upset anyone!:mad:

jackaleman May 26, 2006 3:50 PM


help guys....... im contemplating returning this unit

fishycomics May 26, 2006 4:05 PM

Asyou may notice a reply to a topic may be with a minute to weeks. so do not get discouraged on this.

I believe there are very little members with an unknown brand camera?

1. what is the name on th camera? should be a name. like Mustek, aiptek, isapn etc. all my camera or hybridshas names?

2. Emailing the site may be the hardest thing in the world. a phone call will be better, but in your case canada, and tawain or china orjapan is not near. and will not understand if they do not communicate in the languge we all speak fluent if engleish, french, japanese etc.

3. you may or may not get the firmware you are requesting, some cameras have them some don't.

So if you feel you need to return and Purchase a different one. I am truely sorry. we are a community ofhybrids with some info, not all


your topic was edited so it may help others to understanding your request. you may not see the correct answer for days to weeks or a month , a holiday is on and very little effort will be made

that I wish all a happy holiday...............

sgspirit May 26, 2006 9:38 PM

Welcome to the forum, jackaleman,

VuBlue was located in the Toronto area, and was selling a few different electronic gizmos, including the Digilife DDV-720, branded as a VuBlue, via their website. I bought one from them about 15 months ago. I occasionally checked their site to see if they ever sold a newer model, and never saw anything newer than the 720. The website disappeared a few months ago.

You can search this forum to see if you can find your firmware number. Like, search for "000D" or some other part of the numbers. The DDV-910 and 920 could be distinguished by the numbers on their lenses. Just search for that info here, (I know I posted it at least once), or go to and look up the numbers in the camera specs.

Even if you determine the Digilife equivalent, we know of no one who has obtained a firmware update for any Digilife other than the even older DDV-660. Even that was from Nisis, not Digilife. And some very determined and resourceful people such as fishycomics have tried.

You didn't say why you want the firmware update. If the camera is working fine, then don't worry too much about it. People have messed up their cameras playing with this stuff. If it's broken, I could do a search and see if I have an email trail to the seller.

I wonder if this is the store, and camera, in your case:
If so, this is the DDV-910, since it has the cmos sensor, while the DDV-920 has a ccd sensor. (People such as me have been getting the DDV-920 off eBay for $82-200usd for months.)
The type of stuff Liata is selling looks similar to, but more numerous, than VuBlue was selling, so the same people may be involved.

fishycomics May 26, 2006 9:46 PM

the only firmware for digilife or ispan can be obtained is the v1000 from an ebay member

jackaleman May 29, 2006 11:48 PM

hey guys......

thanks for al the ideas and help

i got intouch with ispan, and i think i improperly flashed the phone via usb cable... ( and not with card reader ) and now the phone wont turn on, just flashes a red light.... and shuts off....

the computer doesnt detect the camera no more, and i formatted the sd card via card reader and tried again proper way, and it still wont boot up.....

i formatted the card and now it wont turn on either? formatted fat32 and fat16 and still nogo....

any ideas?

sgspirit May 31, 2006 1:17 AM

To clarify,

You actually got a response from Ispan? Did you phone, email or visit them in person?

If they gave you a firmware copy, which isn't clear from your post, and you loaded it and it messed up your camera, I think it's time to return the camera.

jackaleman May 31, 2006 2:47 AM


I got a reply from them via Email...... they sent me a new firmware version for their DDV-910 camera and told me to Flash the camera with their file and using their procedure.

Funny thing is, i never got the procedure to flash. I just assumed to transfer via USB.

Anyway, i returned the camera, and got a new one with no questions asked.

I will not reflash the phone with the new firmware until i get the permission from VuBlue that its ok to flash using Ispans firmware, and the offical procedure to flash the new firmware from Ispan.

If it helps anyone, i can upload the new firmware for DDV-910 to you!

oh, a bug i found was that when using the SD card and recording a movie, i cannot use the zoom function. While recording using built in memory, i am able to zom while recording. hehe.... is this a bug? or is it a "feature"?

Thanks guys!!


sgspirit Jun 1, 2006 12:49 AM

Amazing that you made contact with Ispan. At your preference, I wouldn't mind if you pm'd me the email address you used.

I'd regard the zoom limitations as a feature. I don't use the digital zoom in videos anyway, since it further limits image quality that is already unspectacular.

jackaleman Jun 1, 2006 1:14 AM

fishycomics, please check your email

sgspirit, please check your PM inbox



PS.Zoom feature wont work if you have stabilization ON. haha, that was the apparent "glitch".

whenstabilization is off, the zoom feature works in video mode, but as sgspirit mentioned, quality is compromised.

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