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Thanks Fishy,

I read that thread, which says that only .ASF files fork...then I read this one that says that .AVI files also work, but I can't seem to get it to play them.

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Mpvrr you should get the avi to play with the arc converer.

I believe and always forget sorry

1. find the avi file you want to load and you need to find a software that will allow to save as asf I know I did it and helped out raerae

It taken me quite awhile to get quicktime to format over and noticedwhat my problem was when converted

2 load up Arc converter andselect a avi file and select a destination to convert to,

3 in the settings make sure you have the option to customise to asf, if it is not set correctly of course you will have filed failed.

I made sure i did it correctly just now taken me two tries and got it working

this screen must be set to the correct saved settings

just love repeating the topic pics lol

give it a try and it shall work see the how to use the software video if you do not understand its there


you may read it or watch my how to video,

I am and not insulted:G

b/c I placed this up when I first gotthe camera or cameras lol

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Old May 8, 2006, 7:33 PM   #13
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Ah. Now I see. You can't actually watch the .avi files, but you can convert .avi to .asf. Every time that I have converted a file to .asf, it grows an order of magnitude. A relatively small .wmv becomes HUGE, and it doesn't play correctly.

Oh well. Thanks again Fishy!
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If for some reason you don't have the software that came with your hybrid (i.e. purchased used or lost it) you can use a free alternative to encode your movies called SUPER © (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer) You can get it here:
I actually prefer it to the arc soft bundled one (works well for pda, ipod, and other mobile devices, etc. - also good for encoding dvd, divx, xvid, etc.) Its honestly the best all-in-one encoder you can get. It supports most all formats and codecs using open source encoders - also works with commercial mpg2 encoder Cinema Craft if you have it installed. Just mimic the settings in SUPER that are in arcsoft (which is a video bitrate of 1meg, audio bitrate of 128k, rendered out to 25 fps in an *.asf container if im not mistaken)
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