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Wayne12 Dec 9, 2018 9:49 PM

A Hubble phone that looks like a pocket hybrid.
The hybrid concept lives on, in a phone.

Look familiar. Apparently redesigning the phone is making it look like a 60mp pocket hybrid.

But this thing is so far away, I am not bothering making a fuss about it. By the time the snapdragon 855 version comes end of next year there should be plenty of other 855 big megapixel phones, and we don't know if it will come. But if it does, it looks cool.

fishycomics Dec 10, 2018 1:02 PM

Reminds me of hte digilife or get a samsung that is smartphone stuff

Wayne12 Dec 10, 2018 6:12 PM

Yeah, the irony. A natural successor to a hybrid, a phone in a hybrid form factor. It's got some too strange looking unique cypto currency preorder and card activation to swap for the device. Sounds legally abstracted from the money you once had. Makes me nervous. I'm staying away from it until its out, proven, and I can buy cold hard cash, if I buy at all. One of the primary things in business is trust, don't do things that could turn out bad for people's money.

Anyway, in a subsequent email I learned more. There are three 855 models one with one 855, one with 2x855, one with 3x855. I was wondering why they were going to use a 855 in a year, when you would expect an 865 or something. By then we can expect the 855 to be cheaper to put in a phone, and maybe a lower powered version, which would suite this design. I have not seen mention of longer battery life batteries, which if it had the 10x one, would be great for filming.

Now I know how these people got my email. I think they are the ones promising something last year, different models maybe 45mp or something instead of 60 mp, and up to three 845s instead of 855's.

If they ever do come out, they will be a natural successor to a pocket hybrid. And, I wouldn't buy one if I were people, until I saw the whites of their eyes, and the thing actually out.

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