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jpadua Aug 9, 2006 2:53 PM


I have been lurking for a while in this forum and decided to join in after having bought the Aiptek DV8900. Thanks for plethora of information in this forum!

Anyway... here's my problem....

I originally bought an Aiptek DV8900. It worked well, my only grip was that the image was very dark, no matter how much tweaking I did, the image was dark even in a well lit room. Also when I viewed the videos on my TV or PC, on dark scenes there is an obvious black line across the screen. Forget about shooting any video on a late afternoon.

I decided to go back to the shop I bought it from to have it exchanged with another Hybrid. This time I went for the YES YDV-325 (
I've searched here and it is exactly the same into the hanshing hs-dv368a (

I've had nothing but headaches with the YES YDV-325 :(
I took this unit simply because it was much better in low light than the Aiptek DV8900. Even in Dim lighting conditions you can still see definition between dark hair and a dark shirt, unlike with the DV8900, they just look all black.
Problem #1 The unit will simply turn off for no reason randomly
Problem #2 The White balance doesnt really work well, when choosing Tungsten The screen becomes blue (a really irritating bluish tint), Choosing Flourecent just makes the screen grayish.
Problem #3 When connecting to the PC via USB, while reading the memory card in the camera, the camera will shut off. I have to reset the camera to gain access again to the memory card. Then it happens again --- randomly
Problem #4 When switching to Webcam mode, sometimes it works, sometimes it will turn off again...
Problem #5 Playing the videos in the PC is a nightmare... I have to install xvid codec, but that brings all sorts of problems with my PC. When viewing a directory of the videos taken with the cam, explorer will hang and restart. When trying to play them in windows media player, it sometimes plays smooth, then stutter, then smooth again. Ive' tried uninstalling and reinstalling the xvid, but same thing happens.
Problem #6 When trying to edit the video on a video editor (the one that comes with the CD, it hangs. It also does not work with Windows movie maker.
Problem #7 the PMP feature is a joke, Ive converted videos using the bundled software so I can use the cam as a video player... it doesnt even see the videos, I even used the same naming convention as the camera still did not work.

From this list alone, you can imagine what kind of frustration I'm having right now.

I'm going back to the store tommorow and all they have left is an Aiptek DV8800.

Please Please someone tell me something good about this camera, cause this is my only option left in replacing the camera I got.

How is it in low light? Can I actually shoot bands playing in bars... cause with the Aiptek DV8900 this was next to impossible, on a well lit stage, its still too dark.
Here's a sample video. I had a friend take this while my band was performing (this is a well lit stage.. the lights in the background were bright, by the way thats me singing and playing the electric guitar hehehe)

Are there firmware upgrades for the DV8800 that can give me some hope?

Thanks in advance for reading my first and not to mention kinda long post. I hope someone can reply soon since I will go back to the store tomorrow.

I really want to love hybrids but after this experience... it's looking kinda glum...


fishycomics Aug 9, 2006 3:31 PM

Welcome first

2nd never give up hope.........Jpandua

read this topic as well as whats on the cd?;forum_id=92


Sounds like the sd card or mmc card is not liked that will crash a hybrid. even though a sd card will say sd it may still be a mmc. andvica versa. great scam to dump el cheapo's o nthe market at a low ball price:?

hanshing is well known for sd crashs a lower sd card may solve the issue?

2wb (white balance is basically for pics some claim vid.

we know how hey work, ifit gives you a diferent outlook defective in my eyes. or poor sensor. etc.

4 webcam may be a loose connection not sure why that happs.

5. one must use the software given no if and buts they're updates to the formats. if you do not use it do they work? and the files are they avi asf or other?

6 wmm will accept avi format and possable asf depending on certain cameras does not accept quicktime mpeg1,2 movetc.

7 pmp is excellent any type file can be added need to have a correct bitrate andsoundrate with res size andhave CLIP0001 if it is not the same as the cameras it will not work, I understand you know this. it may be a badsoftware that is too hard to work with. Arc is far better in my eyes 3 steps done in the camera running.

there isa how to and a how to in the cd that came with the camera.

I would not worry bout the video you placed up its perfect the light isperfect picked up everything the camera was supposed to do. I find low light situations will be dark on any hybrid 30.00 up to 1000.00

if you use a night mode with the camera i bet a brighter pic wil come out but the shutter is exposed more , causing skips.

I am sorry I cannot help you out but. acamcorder is fr better and yes will do the same low light ma not pick up at all. but light on a subject priceless.

rgvcam Aug 9, 2006 10:06 PM

As fishycomics said, all hybrids are going to give poor low light performance. Even regular camcorders are not great in low light unless you are prepared to spend some serious cash. The problem is the tiny size of the sensors and add to the fact that most hybrids tend to use a CMOS sensor rather than a CCD.

It's one reason I always tell people to get the most espensive webcam they can afford as they are more likely to use a CCD which gives a much brighter picture in a poorly lit room although the CMOS sensors are slowly getting better.

I would look into a miniDV or miniDVD (though for recording a band the 20-30 minute limit may be a problem) if you want to record in low light. You still won't get a great image but often you can at least get a usuable one.

As these hybrids become more mainstream, hopefully they will realise that people tend to want to use them indoors and come out with some that have a larger sensor size.

jpadua Aug 9, 2006 11:10 PM

Heya first off, thanks for the reply guys...

The 2GB SD card im using is made by Transcend, it worked perfectly though with the Aiptek DV8900.

The Aiptek 8900 records in mpeg-4 ASF while the YDV325 records in mpeg-4 AVI (xvid)

The hanshing type (YES YDV325) records better in low light than the aiptek but records in Xvid I think, because the driver software came with the Xvid installer. I also can't seem to import the videos into wmm, is it a codec problem?

Should I still hold on to the YDV-325?

or replace it with the Aiptek DV8800?

or go back to the Aiptek DV8900?

What do you think is better?

fishycomics Aug 10, 2006 2:51 AM


the 5900 seems to be n mp3 player then a camera then a camcorder

the top one is hanshing and can reesemble one of the members hybrids here creative labs is a company that may be the same and also be SVP and that said

guesswhatt AIPTEK a Budd abbott and LUe castello base ball stetch

the mpvr will not do the trick you want but the adding to the pmp issues are simplier
if you look at

or the brief pmp section on top you may see some camcorders

spending that money a camcorder is best economy for sure.

jpadua Aug 10, 2006 2:22 PM

Thanks for the advice Fishycomics, I did end up returning the hanshing knockoff (ydv325) and got the Aiptek DV8800 instead... now I'm satisfied!

First off, its better in low light than the DV8900, white balance actually works well, EV shift works well, comes with a remote and an aluminum tripod plus the fact that you can record directly to mpeg4 from an external video source.

the fact that the dv8900 can go up to 8MP doesnt really bother me, I'm really for the quick and dirty video capture anytime anywhere. As long as it works!

Thanks for all your inputs!

I'll definately still be around here!


fishycomics Aug 10, 2006 2:34 PM


happy you're happy..........

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"glad you made a excellent choice let us know how it turns out. later on as you get used to it.

jpadua Aug 10, 2006 2:43 PM

fishycomics wrote:


happy you're happy..........

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"glad you made a excellent choice let us know how it turns out. later on as you get used to it.
Not to mention the webcam feature is great! Extremely sharp picture for a webcam!!! super clear! I'm so happy now... I just installed the drivers now... and no problems what so ever.

I guess maybe the DV8900 that I first got just has a bad sensor... too bad... I'm goin to try to put a video into it to see how the PMP works..

Does the video have to be mp4 also? or will an ipod video converted movie work in it?

jpadua Aug 10, 2006 2:54 PM

This is interesting...

remember how we were all saying that hybrid cmos sensors in low light are not too good... I'm now viewing my webcam in yahoo using thr DV8800 and its very sharp and clear... my room is dark only have a lamp on and my monitor... I set the brightness level in the my webcam prefernces of yahoo messenger to full.

If only there was a way to adjust the brightness level in the cam itself... looking at what I see now in my webcam the cmos is very good in low light! The brightness setting is just turned down on the cam itself...

Aiptek should add a brightness level control in the firmware... such a good camera, only bad in low light...

rgvcam Aug 10, 2006 3:12 PM

You can see some photos I have taken with my Aiptek PVR (8800) here:

They are just random shots taken at the native 5MP sensor resolution. I don't see the point of using the 8MP interpolated mode.

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