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Wayne12 Dec 31, 2017 3:59 AM

A hybrid replacement, a modified Yi 4k+ (4k 60fps, over 130mb/s)
Hi. This article is for old hybrid camera users, to point out a possible new option for them.

Hybrids haven't seen to have advanced much, even though there are chips at Ambarella much better. But I have found some exciting mods that make in usable cameras into hybrids.

The very small 4k+ from YI, which is a good upgrade from the 4k version the previous year, seems to be about the best option. It turns out you can get focusable lenses, and even a cage for it that accepts normal lens, and some straight lens adaptors (they result is a zoomed image without
the corrective optical components a speed booster type lens adaptor would have). The lens adaptor case accepts various small format lens upto some S16mm lens.

There is also a microphone input cable option, and sync cable options for setting up a vr setup. Maybe this could be used for 3D.

The YI 4k+, to me, looks better than GoPro 6. It does 4kp60 (not certain about 10 bit hdr) 11 stop of native dynamic range and a healthy 135mb/s.

There are adaptors for GoPro and some others as well, and lens. Including lens tools that making replacing quick composed to a long complicated mod care or replacing the lens without a tool.

More pictures and links hopefully to come, as my battery is dieing here.

For starters here is a simple focusable lens, but it doesn't look so good as the others:

Modified Yi 4k+


A simple cage:

A complex mod:

Lens replacement with tool so you don't have to take the case apart:

Here is a messy hack on an cheap camera:

So, haven't found a multifocal lens replacement yet.

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