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I just purchased a Sony DSC-M2. While the camera does take great video and stills in lighted rooms/environments, the video quality is terrible in low light conditions. I tend to go out with my friends to lounges/bars/clubs and wanted a hybrid to take along. This one will never work.

I hear that the Sanyo VPC-C6 is better in low light, although I am a bit skeptical as to how well it will perform. I do not think there is any night vision, but I am not sure.

If this will not work, are there any hybrids out there that would do the job? Or can I get an attachment that would provide the night vision?

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that's the Badboy we're talking about?

all hybrids on this forum you will read

Does not take night vision shots in video. they do have night node features for example;

1 mustek dv series night mode grains the vid big time I own 3 andall are upgraded models each one has the same grain

2 Aiptek I have two I believe the 5300 does not have it, but the Mpvr has it it may make the video Purple

now the sony should be a higher end hybrid with a carl zeiss hsd ccd lens etc. should have a low lux setting on it?

I do not know anything Much about it and do luv the camera when it came out and love to see some sample vids PLEASE!

sanyo/fisher. creative labs claim to be a better hybrid in low light situations, but I tell you. NO LIGHT NO VID and those two may take a better vid in just a octive of 1 or two shades lower that's all

Sounds depressing . they are PC camcorders not Home movie camcorders a big difference that is why a camcorder is needed and they are becoming smaller to fit in th pocket but not like the one's we show

hope I have cleared up some details

when filming you may want to look into ebay for a led light that takes a aaa battry in best buy it runs around 30.00 online 10.00 its throws 50 lux should help the filming 6 feet only

also I filmed firworks and perfect but the people were shaded too dark lol all the better., I filmed a show perfect, but when i filmed pure daylight andshaded inside can read a book in the shade the filming dark as night Lol
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all taken care of.

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You could try the Sunpak Readylite 20 Compact Cordless Video Light


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