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Scott C Dec 16, 2006 12:28 AM

Since there are a lot of software choices both retail and freeware I though it might be handy to share your favorite software choices, opinions, best file formats and maybe software settings (output file settings and what not) for us newbies. Kind of help us, and others, get the most out of our little cameras. Not to turn this into a "how do you edit this with that" post, but more of a "works great with my hybrid" post.

Right now I'm experimenting with making VCDs and the quality isn't too bad. It's not DVD quality stuff but then again it's not a $500-$1000 DV camera that's taken the video either. The VCD videos are as good as the original ASF videos shown when I connect the camera to the TV and play them. Not much loss in quality from what I can tell. Then again I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other :-).

I've been using the freeware version of TMPGenc to convert the IS-DV2s ASF video files to VCD MPG files and then editing them in MGI VideoWave III SE v3.5. I then save the edited files as Video CD files ([email protected]). Since this version of VideoWave can't import the ASF files I have no choice but to convert the ASF files to some format the editing software likes (something that won't crash it or give errors). I tried WMM and it works to a point until I start getting too fancy with transisitions and text and stuff. I need a new PC to say the least. I'd like to find a sweet spot for file formats that will edit nicely in VideoWave and once all is said and done I can then use TMPGenc to convert the final file to VCD format. AVI maybe ? Only thing is the HUGE file size. Being new to DV video editing I'm open to suggestions on file formats.

Once my VCD MPG files are edited I use VCD Menu Lite (freeware) to create a DVD type menu system and then I use VCDEasy v1.1.5.2 (last freeware version) to put it all together. Works quite well as the videos are short ones that range anywhere from 4-15 minutes each.

I still need to experiment to find a nice combination of software and settings that will run on an old P-III computer, but for the moment what I'm using works and other than taking a little more time to convert the video it turns out ok.

Fishy I didn't link any of the freeware files as I wasn't sure if I should.

fishycomics Dec 16, 2006 10:13 AM

read the post, and hope you find the sample or editing page We, or I paisted up for links on images and video for uploading.....
eyespot, Jumpcut are two freeware online programs for the hybrids, others may add on.;forum_id=92

brought it back up the topic

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