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Hello all,

I have been thinking about a trip I will be taking soon, and one of my thoughts was that I wanted to film my journey with an incar camera mount (DIY link below), but I only have 3 batteries, and the biggest only lasts 1h20m.

So I was sorta bummed until I tried running the camera off of the adapter with no battery in it, which worked, so I surfed the net and found a 12V automotive adapter with a USB socket (and associated 5V circuitry) for only $8.99. Perfect!

I am going to order it in the next couple of days to see how well it works, with that and a 16GB SDHC card (only have a 4gb now which lasts 4 hours), I should be able to get near 16 hours of continuous footage if I needed it.

DIY InCar Camera Mount: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/200...car_cam_1.html
12V/USB Automotive Adapter: http://www.uxcell.com/usb-and-port-t...e-p-11061.html
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Your head rest you will be able to slide the cam under it and pres down to hold.

take note;

pull the head rest out you have two holes get a dowel, and wit hthe right board you can make your own tripod holder. example the Aip tripod that camewith the cam open it stick it in will fit, but I do not like it due to too loose the swival and top.

DC charger:

there is a thread- sorry- cannot look for it- has wiring of the usb cable to modd it.

the DC will only charge, while turning on you may interrupt the charge and when hit record the cam will shut down. if this does. wil you look into a inverter

a ac-to-dc inverter using the AIp ac plug will work.

if you are handy you can always modd a battery and get a multi charger going through the battery area.

hope this helped ou.

good luck with your project........

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I've also built my own in-car camera mount, but using suction cups to mount the camera right on the windshield. Then I used a DC to AC converter to keep my camera charged up while filming.

http://vimeo.com/1578841 Here's how the camera mount is built
http://vimeo.com/1414491 Here's a video sample of what it looks like

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fishy, the 12V automotive car adapter with USB port works, it will power the aiptek, as long as you take the battery out of the camera first. That way, it won't try and charge the battery, it will just run off the 12V automotive battery.
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Tomtom GPS car cable works nicely too.


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