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xphyle Mar 2, 2006 7:07 AM

When in "CAMERA" mode and you are ready to take a picture. Push the directional stick/nub left or right to toggle into different modes. One of the modes is the flash mode. When you get there (i think it looks like a big "A" to signify automatic mode) push up or down on the stick/nub to toggle the mode options (automatic, on, off, etc).


elsilver Mar 2, 2006 7:22 PM

thanks. got it. when i first try the batt lil bit low..thats y the flash mode din work. :)

jbcielo Mar 16, 2006 5:12 AM

hello. am in the market for a hybrid and seriously considering the creative divi428. only concern is how much video it can take on a 512MB SDCard, or on a 1GB SDcard. how long are the videos you have taken on your divi428?

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