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Wayne12 Oct 24, 2009 1:24 AM

Don't play with the firmware.

The last thing they want is people mucking up their cameras and returning them, or asking for support, it costs. They will only lock down the cameras so you can't upgrade the firmware or adjust it.

I don't know the level of calibration available here, but for the future, there are calibration options that are pretty deep and specific that they don't need to be touched, and if touched will wreck your image. For instance, each sensor pixel pad has a deviation from perfect, which produces a ghost pattern across the image, so they measure this and adjust each pixel pad so that it performs near correct, if done wrong you may have a spotty image. Also, similarly they adjust the points of dark and bright for the image/pixels, gain etc, if done wrong you will get a worse image, maybe much worse. there are more, even for the compression codec etc.

About dead pixels, there are different techniques to handle this, one is bright/color or dark, another is more readily to average out the pixel by interpolation, which works reasonably fine on HD. It used to be that some dead pixels over time on CCD's were not too uncommon. I do not know what is expected on CMOS these days.

If you calibrate your camera wrong, you can calibrate it back again, but you might have to find somebody on the web that can give you enough technical guidance to do it, and some things are calibrated with specific technical devices, that you might not be able to emulate. Some cameras are dumbed down, however, many here are pretty well calibrated already and not in need of it.

Light calibration is one thing, but deep technical calibration is only for the technically savvy that are prepared to do their money.

Wayne12 Oct 24, 2009 1:36 AM

On why factory default might not restore calibration. There maybe no default calibration for some items, as the calibration is different for each individual sensor. However, this is poor, as the calibration is usually set before sale, so could be designed to be saved as the default, and it is possible to have slots in the firmware data to store last calibration, and a number of other calibrations for preference.

fishycomics Oct 24, 2009 6:36 AM

excellent advice. on firwmare Wayne. people tend tofind out the hard way.

I hear ya about the region. www has its perks. wow.

fishycomics Oct 24, 2009 6:53 AM

Now I hear many people on youtube complain about vertical lines on the video, and unsure about what they mean?

the zi8's screen hs a pixal of of size in width vs. height, and will be good enough just to show, what you are viewing. never is it supposed to be HD viewing.

The screen when in full zoom will produce noise in different levels of lighting and may as well be on film to, for example. In Pic 1 I show low lighting full zoom, purple specs/pixals/etc. all over the place. and I am sure this may be on the still as well. a snapshot is needed.

In pic 2 there are vertical lines on levels of a whilte, low level wall. These may as well be like mentioned above, and yet t osee them on the video or view it on video.

the actual snapshot is off a camera andwill be very hard to show angling is needed and lighting of screen is hard to capture.

Its best to say Kodak already stated this is not a night time camcorder ,LOL.

Can you prove them wrong?

pic 1

pic 2

frank8945 Oct 24, 2009 4:59 PM

vertical lines
Hi fishycomics, in the video " " You can see the vertical lines people are talking about. When you pan from the show room to the street view you can see them. I get my zi8 this week, had to import it. :)
Maybe this is how the zi8 deals with noise

fishycomics Oct 24, 2009 5:59 PM


Originally Posted by frank8945 (Post 1012619)
Hi fishycomics, in the video " " You can see the vertical lines people are talking about. When you pan from the show room to the street view you can see them. I get my zi8 this week, had to import it. :)
Maybe this is how the zi8 deals with noise

Welcome aboard Frank8945...

The lines are normal, the lines we are seeing, are of the tweaking of the camera beyond its capabilities.

You will not see them at daytime, but at nightshots.

The Aiptek camcorderdid this, and it was really pronounced., showing two layers of artifact. Almost like looking through tissue paper, and when chosen nightshot mode, it was the worst.

Kodak will tell you . "this is not a night time camcorder" , that waswhat that agent said.

I would not worry sleep over this, or worry bout other cams having more, or less, the cam does its job fine and quite well.

The setting like I said is tweaked to its MAX why I see night flare. People probably think Night flare is Normal, and the dual layer, vertical lines a issue, I hate to say it Cmos camcorder will not give night flare , a CCD will give more. My 2 cents.

Of all the Hd, and NON hd 's I own ...........

Hope that helps out.

In the Video still there are tons of lines, and a night flare. cam is tweaked to high, if lowered you'll see absolutely nodda.

lazybones Oct 25, 2009 11:13 AM

Does anyone know... if I bought a Zi8 from the states, would it cause problems as the rest of my footage would be PAL? Or does it make no odds as it's recorded to SD card?

fishycomics Oct 25, 2009 2:19 PM

does this answer your question?

lazybones Oct 25, 2009 3:58 PM

Oh wow! That's really interesting! So what I have to do is buy from the US and just select PAL. That way I avoid the stupid thing that they did to cameras imported into the UK where they limit it to only 15 minute recordings.

Perfect! Ahhh, finally getting there! :)

Thanks so much Fishycomics, you've been a godsend with this thing!

lazybones Oct 25, 2009 4:00 PM

Although... I guess the power might be an issue... Do you think if I plug it into a UK plug with an adapter it would work?

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